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In Brazil, TIM Offers Best 4G; Claro Has Fastest Network

TIM has the best Brazil 4G coverage for users in the country, while Claro leads in terms of speed, according to a new study by OpenSignal.


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The study carried out in 36 Brazilian cities over 90 days, revealed that TIM’s signal is available to users 85.7 percent of the time. Claro registered speed rates of 21.5 Mbps, ahead of Vivo (15.1 Mbps), TIM (12.4 Mbps) and Oi (8.9 Mbps).

TIM expands its 4G coverage to more than 85%

Once again, TIM established a new benchmark in our 4G availability metric, meaning our 4G users on its network, on average, were able to connect to 4G 85.7% of the time. While Vivo’s and Claro’s scores inched towards the 80% mark, Oi’s score remained below 70% likely because the operator does not have the advantage of using any 700 MHz band spectrum. However, Oi was the biggest riser in Brazil 4G coverage category with an improvement of almost 7 percentage points.

Claro keeps a tight grip on speed metrics

Claro remained well ahead of its competitors on both of Opensignal’s speed metrics. The operator scored 21.5 Mbps in Download Speed Experience and achieved an Upload Speed Experience score of 7.6 Mbps. Both scores were at least 40% faster than the nearest rival network.

Brazil’s Video Experience keeps getting better

In the six months since Opensignal’s last report on Brazil, our users on all four of the country’s national operators’ networks saw their Video experience improve by at least 4.5 points. While Claro won the award, TIM and Vivo upgraded their scores from Fair to Good and joined Claro in that category. This means that users on these networks now enjoy shorter load times and less frequent interruptions when streaming videos on their smartphones.


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