The new Meizu Watch comes with eSIM support

Meizu has just announced a new smartwatch powered by the latest Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform for wearables. The OEM has packed it with a raft of health-monitoring features, heart-rate and blood-oxygen measurements included, not to mention 4G/LTE support. It can be pre-ordered from June 1, 2021 at a price equivalent to US$235

Meizu is an OEM with a 2021 flagship Android phone not dissimilar from the OnePlus 9 Pro in terms of looks. It has just launched a smartwatch that could act as a companion to the 18 or 18 Pro – then again, with its own eSIM functionality, it might not even need to. Meizu Watch

The new Meizu Watch also uses its Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor to run GPS and sensors that automatically detect and start tracking 10 or more workout types. It also has NFC for Meizu Pay, Bluetooth 4.2 and single-band Wi-Fi. It can also enter an “SOS call mode” should the user press its home/power key a certain number of times.

Meizu has also equipped its new Watch with a 420mAh battery that, as it claims, is rated for an estimated maximum of 36 hours between charges. When it does need to power up, it uses a magnetic cradle that can detach from its USB type C cable to use any other. This is an unusual and handy feature among smartwatches.

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The charger is designed to support the OEM’s mEngine and mCharge for Watch systems, rated to re-fill the battery in as little as 45 minutes. Meizu also claims that 15 minutes of charging gives a day’s usage in return. Its new wearable also runs on a proprietary FlymeOS for Watch, which supports a smart assistant and custom photo-based watchfaces and even the potential for digital car keys, depending on automotive compatibility.

Features: Meizu Watch supports Aicy smart assistant

The Meizu Watch comes with Aicy smart assistant and One Mind for Watch, which provides a smartphone-like experience on the wearable. It offers a range of health features like heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, sleep tracking, as well as breathing training. The smartwatch also has several activity tracking modes, like running, cycling, climbing, badminton, bowling and free training, among others.

In terms of build, the Meizu smartwatch is yet another Apple Watch clone, albeit one with a fairly generous 1.78-inch AMOLED display of 326 ppi in pixel-density. Its maker has priced it at 1,499 yuan, and will release it on June 1, 2021; however, international availability has not yet been mentioned.


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