The Best Standing Desks for Home Office

For many professionals and students alike, the “new normal” has meant trading in their cushy office space or classroom for a work-from-home space — one that may or may not have existed pre-pandemic. Carving out a comfortable workstation has perhaps required swapping your stiff dining room chair for an ergonomic office chair or finding a lap desk to upgrade working from your couch or bed. To find out which is the Best Standing Desks for Home Office read below text.

A height-adjustable standing desk helps you cycle between sitting and standing throughout your workday, which is essential for both your comfort and your health.

Maybe you’ve also been thinking about investing in a standing desk or desk converter to counter all those hours of sitting around, save for the occasional food or bathroom break. Not only has sitting for extended periods of time been linked to myriad health concerns, there is also research suggesting standing intermittently throughout the workday could help with productivity.

I recommend sitting for no longer than 20-30 minutes,” Dr. Henriksen says, adding that those with serious injuries or health concerns should discuss a standing desk with their doctor first. You should also be implementing “micro-break” stretching and movement while at home, he explains.

“Experts have known for some time that increasing low-level activity provides health benefits compared to sitting for a prolonged time in a fixed position,” Dr. Henriksen explains. “Alternating between [sitting and standing] balances the negative effects of either standing or sitting throughout the entire workday.”

Published research is conflicted on how standing desks improve your focus and productivity throughout the day, and how often you need to stand to reap any benefits; but a 2016 case study discovered some immediate reported benefits from those at a desk during the workday. The best productivity boost was enjoyed by those who frequently alternated in sitting and standing throughout the day, with a reported 50% boost in productivity in six months. The Best Standing Desks for Home Office

The times are uncertain with the virus still looming over our heads. So it pays to stay healthy even if you are working. Ergonomic furniture will help you to stay in great physical shape as it encourages you to stand and sit in the right position. If you already have an existing desk, you don’t have to throw it away! You can purchase a standing desk converter so you can still use your old desk. Are you worried about limited space? You can try out monitor stand or chic desk riser. They are perfect for those small space workstations.

So which one should you get?

Flexispot Standing Desk Electric Quick Install Height Adjustable


Your First Choice for SOHO: A seamless, minimalist design, with a sleek, modern contemporary look allows the desk to fit into any design aesthetic, while a generous work surface lets you get the most out of your space

FAMISKY Dual Motor Adjustable Height Electric Standing Desk

Electric Height Adjustable: There are 3 preset buttons to customize your desired heights from 28 inch to 45.5 inch
MONOMI Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk


The large work surface measuring 55” x 28” is environmentally sourced and provides ample space for a variety of monitor or laptop setups, plus room for ongoing projects and office supplies

Standing Desk Converter with Height Adjustable


Perlegear adjustable workstation allows you to find the healthy balance between sitting and standing at the office.

How standing desks have revolutionized office spaces?

At present, businesses are progressively prioritizing workers’ requirements and comfort while making corporate decisions. It is due to a significant drift towards “flexible” place of work and operational practices that are proving to be the conventional solutions to increase output, boost cost-effectiveness, and improve enthusiasm through better work-life equilibrium. The market demand for flexible workplace equipment is gathering thrust. Today, firms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter are taking up the shift in the direction of standing desks and flexible space.

Tips to consider while choosing the best standing desk for your office space

    • Adjustment speed: Adjustment speed is particularly significant to folks who are firm with their time administration. By decreasing the time you spend altering your workplace, you will be able to save more time for your job.
    • Space requirements and measurements: Compared to a regular desk, a stand-up desk is both taller and broader. Therefore, it necessitates more space. Be sure to take precise dimensions of both the desk and the space you want to keep it in, so you do not run into any glitches. If you take the dimensions while wearing shoes, make sure it is the pair that you usually wear while using your desk. These dimensions will help you to obtain the best standing desk that alters to the appropriate height, so you do not have to deal with irritating joint and muscle discomforts.
    • Noise implications: Adaptable height desks are commonly constructed with motors. For this reason, they usually produce some clatter when functioned. Some models make out much noise, while some make out less noise. The good news is that not many desks produce excessive noise. Thus, make sure to consider noise implications while choosing a standing desk.
    • Weight capacity: Weight capacity is a serious factor for the reason that it governs the number of bits and pieces you can have on your table. If the weight capacity is too truncated, it means you have inadequate space to put up all your essential office fixtures. That does not sound good. A good number of stand-desks are intended with plenty of capability to house your typical desktop items.
    • The adjustment mechanism: There are three kinds of standing desk alteration mechanisms: electric, crank, and pneumatic. Of the three, electric or pneumatic are commonly the most acclaimed ones. The problem with crank adjustments is that they necessitate you to crank them up more than a few times to accomplish the best height.
    • The warranty: Buying a standing desk is one of the best stashes one can ever make. It is a priceless asset for your fitness and posture, something that you will be thankful for numerous years to come. However, a good standing desk can be costly, and for that reason, they must count for something. That is where a good guarantee emanates into the picture. It guarantees you are covered in the affair that your stand-up desks are damaged.
    • Cost: Stand-up desks are priced differently, and some are more costly than others. Do not rush to buy the economy model. Even though it may help you get rid of your financial encumbrance, it might not assist you as well as it should. Always think of capitalizing on the best standing desk for your well-being and happiness. The best way to go about it is to decide how you want the desk to work for you, plan the level of excellence you are targeting for, as well as the length of time you want the stand-up desk to last for.

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