Telecom Italia launches new TIM Tourist offer with 50GB

It will be available from 01 August until the end of the year and will cost an additional EUR 10 for the SIM card and activation fee.

The new TIM Tourist plan, which is targeted at tourists visiting Italy, will cost less and feature more gigabytes than the old plan, but it will always be valid for 30 days and include international minutes. italy tourist sim

Like its previous version, the new TIM Tourist will be available until further notice only in TIM stores .

The current TIM Tourist, which cost 20 euros and included 200 minutes and 15 gigabytes with chat app without gigabyte consumption for 30 days (functionality no longer marketable due to recent regulations), and the TIM for Visitors, which can be bought online with vouchers, will both be discontinued concurrently with the release of this new version (in this case closing scheduled for December 31, 2022 to allow the management of vouchers already purchased).

What the new TIM Tourist will include italy tourist sim

As before, although the offer is clearly indicated for tourists who come to visit Italy, even with TIM Tourist New there will be no limitations regarding the tax code of the holder , which can therefore be both foreign and Italian.

In any case, the offer will be subscribed only by new TIM customers who will activate a new rechargeable SIM.

In detail, TIM Tourist New will include  200 minutes to call in Italy and to some foreign destinations  and 50 GB’s of data traffic, all at a cost of 14.99 euros with a validity of 30 days.

In the points of sale, the cost of the offer will not include that of the new SIM , which with TIM usually has a cost of 10 euros , except for any local promotions, so the total to be paid when purchasing TIM Tourist New will be 24.99 euro.

The activation fee will be free. At the end of 30 days from activation, the TIM Tourist New offer will not be renewable .

It should be noted that the new TIM Tourist will also be available for purchase online through a voucher , and in this case the total cost will be 24.99 euros, which will already include the cost of the new TIM SIM.

Countries included for international minutes and other details

The national traffic minutes included in the offer will be valid for all Italian mobile and landline numbers and in Roaming from EU countries to all mobile numbers and all Italian and EU country landline numbers.

The minutes of international traffic included in the new TIM Tourist will be valid from Italy to the following countries : Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Japan, Jordan, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macao, Malta, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Norway, Holland, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Romania, Russia, Spain, United States, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela.

Calls will be charged by the second and with no connection fee. Upon exceeding 200 minutes of international voice traffic from Italy to foreign countries, this will be charged on the basis of the costs of the basic TIM international tariffs.

The internet traffic included in the offer will be valid for internet browsing in Italy and roaming in EU countries on all APNs. The Giga of traffic will be calculated in advance unit increments of 1KB.

It should be remembered that starting from 13 June 2022  TIM began the  gradual disposal of 3G technology  from its mobile network in the first Italian municipalities. According to the  new roadmap  published by the operator with the timing for each city , the switch off will also continue in the months of August and September 2022, until it ends in the last municipalities by October 15, 2022, subject to changes.

When the 50 GB’s available is exceeded, if the customer does not have other active data options, navigation in Italy will be blocked.

In the second half of 2022, there will be a 13 GB data traffic cap on top of the 50 GBs that the new TIM Tourist plan includes when roaming in EU nations. Until 31 December 2022, subject to adjustments, a fee of 0.238 euro cents per MB utilized if this bundle runs out will be charged (VAT included). italy tourist sim

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