Tele2 first to launch eSIM in Russia

Tele 2 is the first of the “big four” to implement eSIM on its network as part of the “Other Rules” . The company offers all customers to test a new solution. The Tele2 project on using eSIM fully complies with the requirements of security and the legislation of the Russian Federation in the provision of communication services

Tele2 offers both its customers and subscribers of the Big Three to become the first users of eSIM. The operator launched the technology into pilot commercial operation, and today subscribers will be able to test the new functionality on their devices. More about Tele2 Russia eSIM solution find out below.

The eSIM solution improves the quality of customer service, speeds up the service process and expands the capabilities of subscriber devices for their owners. The technology allows the use of an additional SIM card in devices with eSIM support.

Tele2 implemented eSIM in two phases. First, the operator tested the “electronic” SIM card on a group of employees. After successful tests, the company offered to try this high-tech solution to all customers of the “big four” who have subscriber devices with eSIM support. As part of a pilot launch, Tele2 developed business service processes and provided eSIM with its stores in Moscow and the region. The first “electronic” SIM cards have already appeared in the operator’s flagship stores. A full list of stores participating in the pilot will be available on the Tele2 website. In total, the pilot project will cover 88 mono-brands that Tele2 has chosen based on big data technologies. The company analyzed the concentration of subscriber devices with eSIM support near sales points and determined the optimal ones for the pilot.

The company implements technology support in strict accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of security. All customers wishing to become the first eSIM users in Russia should contact the Tele2 salon with their passport and get a QR code, that is, an “electronic” SIM card. The user selects the “Add SIM card” item through the settings of his device and scans the QR code. The smartphone software adds a profile and registers a subscriber in the Tele2 network. Subsequently, the operator plans to expand the possibilities of providing access to the QR code through the subscriber’s personal account and at other digital points of contact.

Tele2 brings the most advanced technology

Igor Maistrenko, director of sales and development for the mass segment of Tele2: “Launching eSIM is an innovative and bold step to improve customer service. We offer our customers and subscribers of other operators to become the first eSIM users in our country. They will get access to the most advanced technology in the field of SIM solutions and easily turn their iPhone into a two-phone smartphone. Fans of Samsung watches will be able to fully use them with eSIM on our network. Subscribers of other operators will have a chance, without changing the network, to try the benefits of Tele2’s Other Rules. With the development of our service channels and with the help of eSIM, we will allow customers to experience all the comforts of technology at full power. This is primarily the ability to connect to our network without reference to the point of sale and other scenarios of flexible maintenance based on digital systems. ”

Vladimir Pavlov, Tele2 Subscriber Equipment Director: “ESIM gives us a lot of economic advantages compared to a physical SIM. It is important that eSIM, implemented by us, ensures the security and integrity of data transmission during subscriber identification. At the initial stage, the number of “electronic” SIM cards is limited, but streamlined processes will allow us to quickly increase the required supply and avoid a shortage. In addition to the development of eSIM, we are creating a “universal SIM card”. Thanks to her, we will be able to more quickly and flexibly serve our customers by “other rules” and guarantee a new quality of service in Tele2 sales outlets. We are already working in this direction and are consulting with the relevant departments and government agencies of the Russian Federation for the rapid implementation of our ideas.

List of shops where you can connect eSIM: tele2 russia esim

  1. Moscow, st. m. “Pushkinskaya”, st. Tverskaya d. 25/9
  2. Moscow, st. Tverskaya, 17
  3. Moscow, st. m. “Chistye Prudy”, st. Myasnitskaya 30/1 / 2c2
  4. Moscow, 24th km of Moscow Ring Road, Vegas shopping center
  5. Moscow, st. m. “Rumyantsevo”, BC “Komsiti”
  6. Moscow, st. m. “Kiev”, SEC “European”

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