T-Mobile Czech launches inflight Wi-Fi

Wifi connection on board Lufthansa, Eurowings and Austrian Airlines

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

T-Mobile is launching a new Internet service on the plane. T-Mobile customers can now stay connected with the world while flying over Europe. The service is still in pilot operation free of charge until the end of February and T-Mobile offers it to passengers with a mobile flat rate. t mobile wifi on planes


T-mobile inflight internet connection on selected Lufthansa aircraft types can be easily activated by contract customers in the My T-Mobile application on their smartphones. Internet access is provided by T-Mobile in conjunction with the Lufthansa Group and the satellite operator Inmarsat.

Air travel across Europe is taking on a whole new look with Internet on Air. Our customers can share their experience on board online or handle business matters, simply stay in touch, ”says Jakub Hloušek, Mobile Services Manager for Tariff Customers, adding: a 600 kbit / s satellite wifi connection is quite sufficient for normal communication or web browsing. ”

All mobile tariff plan customers who have the My T-Mobile application on their smartphone can use the internet on the plane. Without it, the wifi on board the aircraft will not connect. Internet can be set up in three steps. Before the flight, you need to download the latest update of the My T-Mobile application. This is now available for Android users, and will be available for iOS users within a few weeks.

Once your device is in “airplane mode“, you just need to enter My T-Mobile and confirm access to “Internet on Beta”. The Aircraft Internet button will only be active on board aircraft of the listed Lufthansa Group companies. Business customers can also use the service without restrictions if they have the My T-Mobile app on their phone. Czech’s T-mobile inflight Internet is not available on the aircraft via the T-Mobile Business application. t mobile wifi on planes

Data volume and time of use are unlimited.
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