Remote working in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: 1128% increase in remote working

Remote working in Saudi Arabia has increased by 1128%, stc declared in a press release referring to 3500 daily virtual meetings held by stc employees. It reflects the success of stc’s digital transformation plan in accordance with the company’s DARE strategy which was launched in 2018. One of the major objectives of the strategy was the digitization of business and the promotion of remote work for employees.

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stc noted that working remotely for five days a month was a benefit its employees enjoyed prior to the adoption of home quarantine measures which compelled everyone to adopt remote work.
This feature is a reflection of stc’s digital transformation plans and a fruit of the company’s efforts that are aimed at fostering a professional work environment that attracts local and international talents.
In a press release, the company noted that it is proud of the impressive success figures it has achieved in light of its digital transformation plans, especially the fact that stc now provides 99% of its services through the mystc digital platform, including the sale and delivery of stc devices to people’s homes. The company further explained that it will continue to take steps towards promoting digital transformation in order to achieve the aims of Vision 2030 in relation to realizing leadership and digital enablement to serve the community and various sector. stc also seeks to further promote the advantages of remote work to achieve digital transformation and to ensure employees are safe and have their needs met.

stc today is one of the world’s prominent digital companies. The company is the 44th best digital company in the world and the first in the Middle East according to Forbes’ rankings. More recently, Forbes has declared stc as the most powerful telecommunication company in the Middle East. In addition to providing its various services through its digital platform mystc, the company is also providing services through its self-service machines that are located across public spaces in the Kingdom. stc has also made a remarkable success through its Digital Day initiative last year, a day on which the company closed all its customer service and retail offices as part of its ongoing efforts to re-invent customer experience. Remote working in Saudi Arabia


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