Pickbox Now provides free access in Balkans

Pickbox NOW, a Croatian streaming service, makes it possible to use its service free of charge throughout the region in order to ease the period of crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic for citizens

Croatian streaming service Pickbox Now is providing free access to all content (TV series, movies and documentaries) in the territories of Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro until 01 April. Users just need to register online or via the Pickbox Now application.
All you need to access is a registration, no payment information, either on pickbox.tv or on the Pickbox-NOW app.


Pickbox stated that it decided to make a small contribution to the community in this unexpected situation, and through its Facebook and Instagram profiles, appealed to all other individuals and companies for solidarity, responsible behavior and helping society.

Pickbox-NOW, by the way, offers a selection of films and series from Hollywood and European production through an online video on demand service and through the offer of selected telecom operators in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.



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