Orange Spain and Zurich Insurance launch device insurance service

Orange Spain and Zurich have reinforced their commercial alliance with the largest mobile device insurance contract in Spain. Coverage against damage to smartphones, tablets and smart watches starts for an initial period of four years, with current policy volumes of more than 1,500 devices per day. In addition, almost a third of the insurable terminals sold by Orange and Jazztel (and their different brands) have the Mobile Insurance service activated. orange spain device insurance

Zurich has become the reference insurer of the telecom once they have already worked together in Orange Seguros by Zurich since 2020, when the operator broke into the Spanish insurance market, with home, business and life products.

After this agreement, Orange and Zurich Seguros are working on the extension of the insurance to other devices such as Smart TVs, computers, laptops or consoles. The same sources emphasize that this commercial alliance allows “Zurich to strengthen its position in the telecommunications sector, while Orange, which is the operator that sells the most terminals in Spain, takes a further step in its strategy to improve the experience of its customers in the use of its products and services. orange spain device insurance

Coverage prices range between 4 euros and 15.50 euros per month, depending on the value of the device and the contracting conditions. In exchange for this type of policy, customers protect their mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches “in the event of robbery or theft (the device is replaced by another with the same or similar characteristics), accidental damage (if the terminal suffers a fall while water, screen breakage or strong blows, your terminal will be replaced or repaired at the request of the insured)”. In the event of fraudulent calls (associated with robbery/theft), the insurance covers up to a maximum of 2,000 euros,” according to the same sources.

Likewise, the insurance has worldwide coverage and with an extension of the guarantee from the third year (so that the client can continue to be covered against internal breakdowns). It also offers up to three repairs or replacements per year with no maximum amount for them, and without commitments to stay. orange spain device insurance


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