Online Phone Sales Grow 8% in Germany

While Covid-19 had a significant impact on the smartphone market in 2020, with smartphone sales from operator channels dropping below the 400 million mark worldwide for the first time in several years, the operator channel is expected to rebound and grow +9% YoY in 2021. Online Phone Sales

After a big growth in 2020, Strategy Analytics expects pure e-commercial and electronic retailer channels will slow down in 2021 registering low single-digit annual growth. Meanwhile, independent retailers and handset retailers continue to slide down and lose market share.

New research from SA predicts sales of smartphones thru online retail channels in Germany will grow a decent +8% this year in 2021.

Germany is the biggest smartphone market in the EU.

Even after Covid fades, Strategy Analytics researchers expect German consumers and businesses to continue purchasing new 5G handsets from Amazon, MediaMarkt and others. Online shopping by phone, tablet or PC is convenient, easy, and getting faster all the time.

Mobile Vendor Market Share in Germany – June 2021:

Samsung 37%

Apple 32.68%

Huawei 14.08%

Xiaomi 5.76%

Unknown 2.53%

Motorola 0.96%

Strategy Analytics new forecast report for 30 countries, 6 regions and 8 sub-channels is published here. Online Phone Sales

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