Oasis Smart Sim: the world’s first cloud-based eSIM card service for IoT devices

With Velios-As-A-Service, Oasis Smart Sim offers a scalable, on-demand and secure SIM deployment on the IoT ecosystem

Oasis Smart Sim is proud to announce proof-of-concept for Velios-as-a-Service, the world’s first cloud-based eSIM card service for IoT devices. Oasis Smart Sim eSIM

With Velios-As-A-Service, Oasis Smart Sim offers to completely digitize the eSIM functionality and run it within a secure cloud architecture compliant with the GSMA specifications. Connected devices will no longer need to onboard pre-provisioned SIMs, or eSIMs. With Velios, mobile connectivity is implemented remotely (zero-touch concept), and secure data is no longer stored in the object (zero-risk concept). Cloud eSIMs are to be hosted in GSMA SAS-SM certified data centers in France, and Oasis Smart Sim projects to expand its certified data center network to support the solution’s expansion during 2021 and 2022.

Oasis Smart Sim’s cloud-based eSIM will be used in the recently announced end-to-end solution for zero-touch onboarding of cellular-connected IoT devices to cloud services built on Micron Technology’s Authenta™ solution and powered by Tata Communications. This solution will simplify and accelerate large-scale global deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the IoT services ecosystem.

Velios-as-a-Service will address various challenges holding back IoT growth so far:

  • Offers an ultra-secure mobile network authentication service with secure onboarding, zero sensitive data on the connected object, and no modification of the existing network infrastructure
  • Enables a drastic reduction of IoT solution providers’ costs with just-in-time delivery of connectivity into the devices compared to the maintenance of a bootstrap profile on an eSIM or the purchase and installation of physical SIM cards.

This cloud-based solution will also enable new business models and unique approaches to SIM technology Oasis Smart Sim eSIM

  • Non-permanent connectivity: with cloud-based eSIMs, IoT solution providers will be able to activate and deactivate connectivity in one click. Disrupting the monthly-fixed connectivity paradigm, this cost-effective pay-as-you-go model benefits customers wishing to combine Wi-Fi and cellular networks or wishing to activate the connectivity for a time-specific use, such as asset predictive maintenance, data recollection, or live video/broadcast.
  • Upcycled connectivity: Velios-as-a-Service enables OEMs to mutualize connections between vehicle fleets and assets, assigning a cloud eSIM only to the devices in use and recycling cloud eSIMs between assets. Billing is made according to the quantity of cloud eSIM connected simultaneously and not according to the number of eSIMs deployed, benefiting, for instance, the fleet management or logistic industry.

Olivier Leroux, President & CEO of Oasis Smart Sim, said: “We designed this program thinking about the challenges facing massive IoT deployments such as the management of security risks, the requirement of zero-touch seamless integration, and the need for new cost-effective connectivity solutions to connect a large number of devices. We are very proud of the work of our Research & Development team over the last years to make that technology possible and wish to keep designing and developing solutions that are at the forefront of meeting industry needs in terms of functionality and security.”


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