O2 Telefónica roaming: Serbia overtakes USA as holiday destination

No vacation without roaming: On the occasion of World Tourism Day on September 27th, the new roaming analysis from O2 Telefónica names the most popular vacation destinations where customers surf. It also reveals developments in roaming behavior outside the European Union. O2 Telefónica roaming

O2 Telefónica connects more than 42 million people – more than any other mobile phone provider in Germany. On this basis, conclusions can be drawn about the vacation and roaming behavior of a large part of the population in Germany.

Roaming in the EU is led by popular holiday destinations

The current analysis shows for the EU that O 2 Telefónica customers will remain loyal to the classic holiday destinations in the summer of 2023: whether sea or mountains, pasta or paella – the top roaming regions within the EU are still Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, followed by Austria and France. A good quarter of all O2 postpaid customers used data roaming within the EU in July 2023 alone.

Outside the EU, more roaming in Serbia than in the US

When it comes to roaming outside the European Union, the Balkan state of Serbia overtakes the popular holiday and business destination USA, placing it in third place among non-European countries. The first two places in this category are Switzerland and Turkey, which account for around 80 percent of data turnover outside the EU.

Strong roaming increase in Northern and Eastern Europe

A further roaming development can be observed in various Northern and Eastern European countries: In the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Lithuania, and Romania, data usage by O 2 Telefónica customers is growing above average compared to the holiday regions of Southern and Central Europe. Here the increase in data usage is around 10 to 20 percent higher. This indicates a more variable travel behavior among German holidaymakers who are looking for new destinations beyond the warm destinations of southern Europe.

Central America is a very trendy O2 Telefónica roaming

The analysis also provides insights into roaming developments in Central America: What is striking is that in Costa Rica, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana the roaming rate increased fivefold this year. Compared to the EU roaming hotspots, the values ​​are significantly lower. However, the results suggest that German tourists have been increasingly visiting these countries since this year.

Network of roaming partners in over 200 countries

Alfons Lösing, Chief Partner and wholesale Officer of Telefónica Deutschland says: “We offer our customers in this country a comprehensive network. So that you can benefit from an excellent network experience on business and holiday trips, we are continually expanding our global roaming offering with our partners. As a driver of responsible digitalization, we ensure that our customers are reliably connected everywhere and rely on the most modern technologies and standards .” The telecommunications provider operates a network so that O2 Telefónica customers have a very good network even when traveling abroad currently more than 500 roaming partners worldwide.  O 2 Telefónica customers can therefore rely on stable mobile internet in numerous countries. O2 Telefónica is also massively expanding its own 5G roaming offering. O2 customers are already benefiting from fast 5G in 70+ countries and regions.

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