O2 has the world’s largest LTE roaming coverage of all German mobile service providers

Roaming extended to 230 LTE networks in 142 countries

Telefónica Deutschland has further increased the number of countries offering LTE roaming services : as of July 1, 2019, all customers in 142 countries and more than 230 networks worldwide can use fast data services via LTE. lte roaming germany

Both contract and prepaid customers of O 2 as well as the customers of all partner brands in the network of Telefónica Deutschland benefit from this .


More countries than ever before

From almost every country in the world, contract and prepaid customers of O 2 and partners of partner snowmakers in the O 2 network can use LTE to get an impression of moving experiences, great photo opportunities or magnificent natural spectacles from 1 July 2019 Send friends and family. They benefit from the advantages of the fast LTE standard and thus stay connected with the home via social media, for example, or retrieve important travel documents at any time on the move. And even customers who work abroad can now easily stay in touch with their company in Germany via LTE in most countries .

Outstanding LTE coverage lte roaming germany

Telefónica Deutschland has signed roaming agreements with 230 network providers throughout the world . With nearly global LTE availability, the company achieves the largest LTE network coverage among all German providers for all customers worldwide. “We are proud that our customers can now use LTE with a few exceptions around the world. Of course, we want to be able to retrieve e-mails at any time, or distribute snapshots and great stories via social media. This is even easier to do with our current LTE offer, “ explains Vassilena Unrau, Head Of International Roaming at Telefónica Germany. In expanding the number of countries, a special focus was placed on countries far from the EU, in order to meet the customer demand for access to fast mobile networks there as well.


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