O! cuts roaming rate in Turkey

Kyrgyzstan mobile operator Nur Telecom, working under the O! brand, has reduced its roaming rates in Turkey. O! roaming turkey
The rate of outgoing calls now totals KGS 40 per minute and the price of a test-message KGS 10.99. Mobile internet rates will be unchanged at KGS 1 per MB.

The simplicity and availability of the Roaming KZ service make communication for our subscribers in Kazakhstan more pleasant and convenient. After activating the service, communication in roaming will become significantly cheaper, and users may not keep track of their balance. In addition, we have taken another step towards our customers – now you can use the Roaming KZ package in Kazakhstan not 7, but 30 days.  O! roaming turkey

Stay in touch with your loved ones and feel like a guest at home, constantly staying in touch on your number with Roaming KZ! ”, Said Roman Litvinov, head of the interconnect and roaming service of the company.

To activate the Roaming KZ service, you need to dial the command * 996 * 77 # c before leaving Kyrgyzstan. You can check the amount of the remaining package of unused minutes by dialing – * 996 * 77 # 1 # c.

Telecommunication in Kyrgyzstan O! roaming turkey

Compared to the United States, Kyrgyzstan has a slight downturn in the development of telecommunications. Under the country code +996, there were a total of 8.81 million connections in 2020. Among them were 8.51 million mobile phones, which corresponds to an average of 1.3 per person. In the US, this figure is 1.1 mobile phones per person.

With about 115,573 web hosts, Kyrgyzstan is below the world’s average by population. At the end of 2020, 2,771 of these, or about 2 percent, were secured with SSL or comparable encryption. O! roaming turkey


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