Hutchison Drei Austria offers Nimm3 tariffs EU Roaming

Nimm3 Internet tariffs including EU roaming

Hutchison Drei Austria is offering Nimm3 Internet Flat 30 and Flat 50 pre-paid cards, which provide unlimited data in Austria and either 10 GB or 20 GB for EU roaming respectively.
Nimm3 lnternet Flat 30 offers a maximum download speed of 30 Mbps and Nimm3 Internet Flat 50 a maximum speed of 50 Mbps.

Surfing within the EU: Without commitment, without activation fee, without service fee Nimm3 Internet

The new Nimm3 Flat tariffs with included EU roaming units are the ideal solution for customers who want to use streaming services even while on holiday in Italy or Greece, without having to commit themselves long term.
Nimm 3 customers save activation fee and service fee and have full cost control. While taking Internet Flat 30 customers max. 30 Mbit / s are available for downloads, Nimm3 offers Internet Flat 50 max. 50 Mbps.
All that customers need to use the new Nimm3 lnternet Flat fares is a Nimm3 starter kit and sufficient credit.
Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of CK Hutchison Holdings Limited (Hong Kong) and part of the 3Group Europe. By the end of June 2020, Drei achieved a total interim revenue of 417 million euros with about 3.8 million customers. As a leading Austrian telecommunications provider the company offers mobile communication,  internet, fixed line, TV and business solutions from a single source.
Next to the biggest network of branded stores by an Austrian telecommunications provider and an encompassing customer service for residential and business customers, Drei provides the densest 4G network with a 98% coverage in population. In June 2019 Drei launched Austria‘s first, real, comprehensive 5G network in Linz.
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