M:tel offers new prepaid package for Bosnia visitors

Bosnian operator m:tel has introduced a prepaid package called Dopuna:Start with mobile internet to be used when roaming in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the holiday period. M:tel visitors sim

Two starter packages are available, with a phone number, favourable rates for calls and SMS plus mobile internet (4 GB or 10 GB).

  •  4 GB option costs BAM 4 and users can stay online for 7 days with 4GB of mobile Internet which can be used on m:tel network anywhere in BiH.
  • 10 GB option costs BAM 10 and users can stay online for 15 days  with 10 GB of mobile Internet which can be used on m:tel network anywhere in BiH.

Quickly and easily top up your m: tel prepaid number online M:tel visitors sim

Be digital and use VISA / MasterCard / Maestro top-up payment cards that work 24 hours a day.

An online or IPTV update is available 24 hours a day. In addition to Visa, MasterCard or Maestro payment cards, use the option to top up the number via the m: tel IPTV service – available within the IPTV SHOP – Item Top up account. In that case, you do not need internet or a payment card, and the top-up will be included in your monthly bill for the integrated services package.

How to pay by card?
After entering the phone number, email address and top-up amount, you proceed to the card payment step. You need to enter the sixteen-digit number on the front of the payment card, the user’s name, the expiration date, as well as the three-digit or four-digit CVV2 / CVC2 card code, which is located on the back.

Don’t have a card? Choose the classic top-up method
If you do not have a payment card, you can still top up the Recharge number at one of over 10,000 points of sale of authorized m: tel intermediaries. Each of them is marked with the Supplement flag. Also, well-known top-up vouchers are offered at m: tel points of sale and at authorized m: tel intermediaries. M:tel visitors sim

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