Mobile tools and collaboration services are improving productivity in the workplace

BT report,  People, productivity and the digital workplace – 2018. based on a survey of 1,100 business executives and 600 IT decision makers in 11 global markets across the world, found the vast majority (nine out of ten) of respondents agree that mobile tools and collaboration services are improving productivity in the workplace – up from six out of ten in 2015.

Greater productivity is a goal for many digital transformation programmes and it has the support of employees. However, the report found that only a quarter of executives would describe their current digital experience at work as ‘excellent’. A majority (eight out of ten) said that if they were CEO, boosting productivity would be their priority (up from just 57 per cent in 2015).

The report suggests that there are five simple building blocks to better employee productivity: a more connected video-led workspace; easier working and collaboration away from the office; corporate apps; instant messaging services; and better devices.

When asked what would help employees work effectively at the office, 63 per cent of executives said “better Wi-fi” compared with just 28 per cent who said “more meeting rooms”. Thirty-nine per cent said “interactive smart collaboration screens” and 32 per cent said “video rooms”.

The report indicates that IT departments are keen to make the required improvements, but increasingly need help. Digital workplace


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