Microsoft improves communications with ‘Kaizala Pro’ in the Saudi Arabia

New mobile app designed to boost efficiency and collaboration in the workplace

Microsoft’s latest mobile offering, Kaizala Pro, is now commercially available in Saudi Arabia. The mobile app aims to improve business communications, collaboration, workflow management, reporting, and analytics and is integrated with Office 365. microsoft saudi arabia

Ammar Abu Thuraya, business group lead for application and service at Microsoft, said the app addresses several challenges faced by many enterprises in the region that manage field staff remotely.

Impact of Kaizala on Businesses Microsoft Saudi Arabia

Unlike other chat-based apps in the market, Kaizala extends beyond a mere communication function.

“Mobile technology is enabling businesses to embrace the fourth industrial revolution and digitally transform their operations. “”Ammar Abu Thuraya” and “Microsoft”

Because many workers in the region often don’t have an email address, Kaizala only requires a mobile number to sign up. The app is also optimized to work on any network, including 2G networks. Some of its other unique features include the ability to:

• Communicate with and manage an unlimited number of users. This includes employees, front-line workers, customers, and suppliers. Organizations can create flat, hierarchical, or discoverable public groups in minutes from contact lists, directories, or ad hoc sharing. For users in remote areas, the app is optimized to work on 2G networks, and users don’t need an email address to sign up, only a mobile number.

• Broadcast and collect information in a structured way through action cards. This includes sharing announcements, photos, videos, or documents; hosting polls or surveys; assigning tasks; providing training content; marking attendance; and tracking workforces using location tracking.


• Gather rich insights from data with built-in analytics. Organizations can view results in real time, organize large amounts of information with an aggregated view of user responses, and get reports at each level of the organization.

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