Mexico Tops Holiday Season’s top 10 international destinations

While there's no place like home for the holidays, there's also nothing quite like an incredible winter getaway

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CheapOair®, the budget friendly online travel agency, has named their top ten international destinations to take the perfect holiday vacation.

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For a second consecutive year, Mexico topped the list with a 9% increase in travelers from 2018 to 2019. Additionally, India and the Philippines rounded out the top three spots with a steady increase in passenger volume over the last few years.

“This year we saw a spike in travelers taking advantage of visiting exotic destinations around the world to see and experience various cultures. If you’re not visiting friends or family this December, the lower airfare is very enticing to consumers who are looking to get a last-minute trip in before the New Year begins,” said Tom Spagnola, CheapOair’s Senior Vice President of Supplier Relations.

Jamaica, which is known for its rich culture, saw a 77% increase in bookings year-over-year as more tourists are flocking to take part in the numerous festivities that begin in December and run through New Year’s Day.



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CheapOair’s findings also found that although many customers were heading for warmer weather, some savvy snow birds sought out cold weather destinations as their preferred holiday vacation.

Warm weather travel is always at its peak during the holiday season, however many travelers are still making plans to visit the cooler regions like the England and Toronto,” “If you’re looking to celebrate the holidays around the world, international travel to Asia or Europe has extremely attractive costs right now as they’re considered to be in their low season,” added Spagnola.



CheapOair’s mission is to educate and aid consumers and travel professionals in both planning their travel accommodations and staying current on the most popular destinations. Thanks to its unique comprehensive travel trend monitoring, the online travel agency does just that.

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