KPN adds Multisim service for Apple Watch

With Multisim you can listen to music, exercise and make phone calls anywhere with your smartwatch. So you can always be reached on your own phone number while cycling, running, working out or walking the dog. This allows you to use your own data and calling minutes on your Apple watch with eSIM. kpn apple watch esim

KPN has released the multi-sim for the Apple Watch 4G. After earlier speculation, iCulture can now be the first to report that the Apple Watch Cellular is officially supported by KPN. The arrival of the Apple Watch Cellular at KPN was previously announced, but now it can also be ordered.

Several messages show that after purchasing the multisim it is still not possible to activate it, reports. The KPN multisim on the Apple Watch is stuck on activate. It therefore seems that KPN has not yet transferred the switch definitively. Nevertheless, it will not be long before the Apple Watch Cellular can be used on the KPN network. As soon as we know more, we’ll update this article.

After the release of watchOS 9.1 and iOS 16.1, KPN has gone live with the multisim on the Apple Watch Cellular models. Last year we saw something similar at T-Mobile, which also went live on the day of a watchOS update, even before the official launch date. KPN hadn’t even announced an official release date yet, but that can’t be long. But you don’t have to wait for that if you already have an Apple Watch Cellular and are with KPN: the multi-SIM can now be ordered for €5 per month, according to responses from various iCulture readers.


To activate the KPN multi-SIM on the Apple Watch, you need watchOS 9.1 and iOS 16.1 and do the following:

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone. Make sure your Apple Watch is unlocked and updated to watchOS 9.1.
  2. Go to Mobile network .
  3. A notification about a carrier update may appear. Tap Update .
  4. The Configure Mobile Network button becomes active. Tap this.
  5. You will be taken to a KPN order page for the Multisim.
  6. Follow the further steps. Your Apple Watch is now ready for use.

KPN Multisim for Apple Watch price and order

KPN does not provide more clarity on its own general page, because the same information has been available there since 14 October. But waiting no longer seems necessary. We expect more clarity from KPN soon about when to order the Apple Watch Cellular from them. However, it is not necessary to buy the Apple Watch directly from the provider: any Apple Watch Cellular is suitable, provided it runs on watchOS 9.1 and you have a KPN subscription for your iPhone.


KPN with 4G Apple Watch kpn apple watch esim

After the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 7, KPN said they wanted to support the Apple Watch with 4G. It has been quiet for a long time since then. Very long quiet. But now the word is also out at KPN: the provider will soon start with the 4G Apple Watch in the Netherlands. KPN ‘s spokesperson confirms this news exclusively to iCulture.

KPN Apple Watch Cellular multi-sim official

Further information from KPN is still limited. There is only a general page announcing the multi-sim and support for the kpn apple watch esim-min. An exact date, price and other information is not yet known at this time and the spokesperson could not give either. However, we suspect November 5, 2022 when T-Mobile’s exclusivity contract has ended.

The 4G Apple Watch is also sold at T-Mobile and KPN is expected to do the same. But of course, you can also buy a 4G Apple Watch from another store and use it via the KPN network. All you need for that is multisim. The price at KPN is not yet known, but at T-Mobile you pay €5 per month. kpn apple watch esim

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