Exploring the Fascinating World of Hotels: From the Oldest to the Newest

Palms Casino Resort's Empathy Suite in Las Vegas, which costs €100,000 per night

Hotels have been an integral part of the travel industry for centuries, providing a home away from home for tourists and travelers alike. With millions of hotels around the world, from budget-friendly options to luxurious accommodations, there’s no shortage of options for those seeking comfortable accommodation.

Let’s explore some interesting facts about the hotel industry, including the number of hotels in the world, the oldest hotel, the countries with the most hotels, and the cheapest and most expensive hotels in the world.

Number of Hotels in the World

As of 2023, there are an estimated 700,000 hotels worldwide, ranging from small bed and breakfasts to luxury resorts. This number is expected to continue to grow, as more people travel both domestically and internationally. In the United States alone, there are over 50,000 hotels, with more than 5 million rooms available for guests. This makes the United States the country with the largest number of hotels in the world, followed by China, India, and Germany.

Oldest Hotel in the World

The oldest hotel in the world is the Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, located in Hayakawa, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. This hotel was founded in the year 705 and has been in continuous operation for over 1,300 years. The hotel has been passed down through 52 generations of the same family and is still open to guests today. The hotel has 37 rooms, all featuring traditional Japanese architecture and design, and a natural hot spring that has been in use for centuries.

hotel oldest in the world accommodation
Oldest hotel in the world

Countries with the Most Hotels accommodation

As previously mentioned, the United States has the largest number of hotels in the world, with over 50,000 hotels. China is the country with the second-largest number of hotels, with around 35,000, followed by India, which has approximately 17,000 hotels. Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain also have a significant number of hotels, with around 10,000 each.

Cheapest Hotels in the World

When it comes to the cheapest hotels in the world, it’s important to note that prices can vary greatly depending on the location, time of year, and amenities offered. In general, some of the cheapest countries to stay in include India, Nepal, and Thailand, where it’s possible to find budget-friendly accommodations for as little as $10-15 per night. Hostels and guesthouses are also popular budget options for travelers looking to save money on lodging.

Most Expensive Hotels in the World accommodation

On the other end of the spectrum, there are also many luxury hotels around the world that offer opulent accommodations and top-notch amenities for those willing to pay top dollar. Some of the most expensive hotels in the world include The Lover’s Deep St. Lucia Submarine – The Underwater Hotel which costs €292,000 per night.; the Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland, which costs €80,000 per night, and the Palms Casino Resort’s Empathy Suite in Las Vegas, which costs €100,000 per night. Other notable luxury hotels include the Palazzo Versace Dubai and Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the Mandarin Oriental in New York City, and the Ritz Carlton in Paris.

In conclusion, the hotel industry is a vast and ever-growing sector of the travel industry, with millions of hotels around the world offering a range of accommodations and amenities to suit every traveler’s needs. From budget-friendly options to luxury accommodations, there’s a hotel out there for everyone. Whether you’re looking to stay in the oldest hotel in the world or the most luxurious, it’s important to do your research and choose the option that best fits your budget and travel preferences.



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