execMobile launches eSIM in South Africa

execMobile has made its eSIM profile technology available in South Africa, allowing travellers, enterprises and IoT devices seamlessly connectivity in 192 countries, without the need for a physical SIM.

eSIM is a global specification by the GSMA which enables remote SIM provisioning; the technology allows various devices to connect to mobile networks, using these device’s embedded virtual SIM (or eSIM).

Jody Carollissen, General Manager at execMobile, confirmed that execMobile’s eSIM profiles work with any GSMA compliant embedded SIM device, notably most IoT devices. For consumer products, many manufacturers are yet to launch eSIM capabilities on their devices (mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc.). execMobile currently supports corporate customers’ compatible Apple products. Google and Samsung support will be offered within the next quarter.

As an example, Apple’s latest iPhones support multiple SIM profiles, meaning that users can operate as usual on their local network using a traditional SIM, but switch their data profile to execMobile’s roaming eSIM profile when travelling to access low rates in 192 countries, whilst still receiving calls and texts via their home SIM.

Many of our executive travellers already have devices which support eSIM profiles”, continued Carollissen. “It is as simple as receiving an email with a QR Code, which when scanned, provisions the profile to the phone. The technology also supports “Hotspotting” or tethering, which is major benefit for those travelling with additional devices (or colleagues) which also need connectivity”.


eSIM profiles expand solutions to manufacturers and devices

If you’re an IoT/M2M manufacturer or distributor, our eSIM can streamline your deployment globally, ensuring connectivity wherever your device may be and add additional value to your client with pre-loaded connectivity service on the device”, said Carollissen. “Our sim management capabilities and global rates are the best on the market, ensuring this connectivity is affordable, with solutions for both high (remote offices) or low (IoT) bandwidth applications”

Increased coverage for South Africa eSIM users

Carollissen also highlighted that execMobile has expanded its international coverage from 74 countries in 2010, to 192 countries today, which notably includes 30 African countries.

execMobile boasts relationships with over 400+ international mobile data operators, with more than one network in most countries, and LTE coverage in around 120, ensuring reliable and redundant connectivity for customers.

execMobile uses its multi-IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) technology to provide customers with all their international carrier partners’ prices on a single SIM, whether in a PocketWifi device, as a standalone SIM card or eSIM profile.

While the company originally targeted only international travellers, the new solutions and eSIM capabilities now allow it to also target Enterprises and Things (IoT), both globally and locally in South Africa.

Local Connect

Local Connect allows users to manage large numbers of SIM cards on a centralised SIM management platform, offering extensive reporting and impressive data visualisation dashboards, in addition to low local data rates.

Locally, execMobile has a partnership with Telkom (who channel their roaming solutions). Carollissen indicates this partnership offers two distinct advantages for local data; users get to pay the cheaper Telkom rates but also enjoy superior coverage, as users are also able to roam on Vodacom’s impressive network thanks to the recent network roaming agreement between Telkom and Vodacom.

execMobile’s Local Connect solution avoids the pitfalls associated with corporate APNs and provides users SIM-level Internet access and control, without having to pay for extra features they deem unnecessary. This is ideal for the mobile workforce who need fast access to cloud based services, without going through corporate infrastructure for access.

Customers are billed month-to-month, which means that customers do not need to commit to lengthy contracts. Pre-paid or post-paid solutions are offered, to cater for fixed or variable data allowances, essential when catering for customised solutions to suit diverse customer needs.

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