e& Eyes European Growth with Potential PPF Group Partnership

In a strategic move following its alliance with UK’s Vodafone, UAE-based tech-telecommunications company e& has indicated that it is considering potential collaborations with the PPF Group, a major Czech conglomerate with significant investments in the financial services and telecom sectors. Etisalat and PPF Group europe

Should the partnership materialize, e& and PPF will work towards seeking ‘strategic collaboration opportunities’ across central and southeastern Europe, with the exception of the Czech Republic, as per a recent statement from e&.

Transitioning into its new identity, e& (formerly known as the Etisalat Group) is widening its investment and growth horizon. The European market offers significant possibilities for expansion, especially when approached alongside robust partners who understand the regional dynamics. Etisalat and PPF Group europe

In its previous deal with Vodafone, the UAE tech giant had delineated the specific regions that would be the focus of its expansion strategy. It’s worth noting that e& is the largest shareholder in Vodafone, a position it has built upon gradually since May 2022. As per industry analysts, there are noteworthy opportunities for both expansion and consolidation in the diverse European market. The potential collaboration with PPF Group could be a significant step towards harnessing these opportunities and propelling e&’s growth in the European telecom sector.

About the PPF Group Etisalat and PPF Group europe

The PPF Group, based in the Czech Republic, is a diversified international conglomerate with significant interests in various sectors such as banking, finance, insurance, real estate, energy, biotechnology, and telecommunications. Founded by Petr Kellner in 1991, it has grown to become one of Central Europe’s largest investment groups. Its expansive portfolio extends over multiple continents and includes entities like Home Credit International, Air Bank, and O2 Czech Republic. The group’s leadership team comprises accomplished professionals who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Its late founder, Petr Kellner, was one of the richest individuals in the Czech Republic, and following his passing in 2021, his stake was taken over by his wife Renáta Kellnerová. The company’s operations are now overseen by an experienced executive team and a board of directors, each of whom plays a crucial role in steering the group toward its strategic objectives. e& and PPF Group europe



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