Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov: How to Survive After The Wipe?

The earlier Wipe resulted in a massive push to the game’s popularity because multiple players jumped into raids. On the contrary, this influx of players arrived when the professional players had enough time to update themselves to outfit a mini-army. They were equipped with laser-accurate assault rifles, gears, and so much more. The new players, however, found it quite hard to maintain their ground. Escape From Tarkov

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Now, Tarkov has set in another bunch of new opportunities for everyone playing with the infrequent wipes set for the games. Thus, if you seek opportunities to show your skills, you should not waste a single minute. If you are someone who has burned through all his gear and is flat broke, keep reading! This guide will help you with the skills that you need for a fresh start.

Tips for surviving after the Wipe

To plan on a successful escape, you need some tips to prepare. This article is meant to guide you with EFT cheats that will help you survive after the Wipe. Some of the tips and tricks that will aid you in this regard are listed below:

Fighting players

This step is undoubtedly one of the most challenging parts of Escape From Tarkov combat. One should be well aware of the skill limits of their opponents, but there are times when keeping track of the same turns is harder. Sound functions as the most helpful tool while you are fighting other players. Suppose you possess enough experience and knowledge to identify different sounds and know what they signify. 

In that case, you will have valuable information that will further help you take your enemies down. Gunshots can help you make an idea about their power as well as their location. If you are short of equipment, make sure you are aware enough and be prepared to fall back and relocate. This can act as your best opportunity for success. The art of fighting players means putting yourself in the correct position to take your enemy down, avoiding a shot on you.

Fighting Scams 

The Al foes that cover almost every map of Tarkov are pretty intelligent and deadly at the same time. When you engage with the Scavs, you should pay attention to the sounds they make. This will bring you clues about their number and location. 

If you want to avoid catastrophic damage on your end, you should quickly take them out because if a Scav points at you, they can easily drop you with incredible accuracy. If you are equipped with low price weapons only, always try employing hit and run tactics. That will help you drop a Scav or two. Then you can easily retreat to reload, heal, and then you can come back to finish off the entire team.


Making Money Escape From Tarkov

To make money easily, you have to loot through maps that contain barter items, such as Interchange or Shoreline. These items can help fetch high prices from several traders. These will also help in upgrading the spots of your hideout. 

If you have already reached the tenth level, you will have easy access to the flea market. Access to these markets will help make your barter items more valuable. Cash influx can turn more profitable because that will make future raids easier comparatively.

Completing quests

It would be helpful if you increase the loyalty levels of the traders because the items on the Flea market will possibly have lower availability. To achieve such an increase, you have to earn enough experience and reach certain levels and complete the allocated tasks because that would enhance your reputation amongst all the vendors. The more vendor levels you get, the more you can unlock more quests along with a lot of gear to use. 

The further quests will bear rewards which can, in turn, give you gear for your raids. You can even toss the junk you have and sell it if you wish to fund your following loadout. If you finish the allocated tasks, you will get access to the new items available. Purchasing those items will make restocking easier. If you have trouble completing the early game tasks, there is no need to worry because you can meet them even if you survive or not.



A fresh start in Tarkov will feel as good as enrolling new players in the same game tier as possible. If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will be equipped with the means to make the most out of your raids. This makes the firefights far more exciting and entertaining. You will also be able to come away with plenty of gears that will help you further in keeping your competitive spirit up as the games move forward.


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