Mytaverse Collaborates with Ready Player Me to Bring Individuality to the Enterprise Metaverse

Mytaverse announced their leading enterprise metaverse software will integrate Ready Player Me’s best-in-the-world avatars. Founded in 2020, Mytaverse is a cloud-based platform for 3D immersive multiplayer environments. Major companies use Mytaverse’s enterprise platform for virtual sales training, virtual product demonstrations, and more enterprise needs. enterprise metaverse software

The platform is hardware agnostic, meaning users can fire it up on any device they already have, including their computer or mobile phone.

To offer corporations the best-designed and functioning avatars, Mytaverse is integrating Ready Player Me’s custom avatars into its platform. Ready Player Me allows users to custom design avatars, choosing from various skin tones, hairstyles, and more. These avatars’ legs move, eyes appear realistic, and look more human than other metaverse providers’ avatars.

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Thanks to Mytaverse’s and Ready Player Me’s first-class technology, enterprise customers can render over 100 beautiful avatars in the Mytaverse at once–way more users than currently possible in Meta’s and other companies’ offerings. Mytaverse and Ready Player Me accomplish this high volume while maintaining high-quality graphics.

Enterprise Metaverse Solutions enterprise metaverse software

“Thanks to Mytaverse’s and Ready Player Me’s first-class technology, customizing your digital persona in our virtual world has risen to a whole new level,” says Mytaverse CTO and co-founder Jaime Lopez. “With hundreds of different outfits, wardrobe selections, and accessories, our users can be as unique as they want. The highly optimized avatars from Ready Player Me play a crucial role in keeping the number of concurrent users beyond any other multiplayer environment with one single game server. The combination between high-quality graphics and high performance is the perfect recipe for our Metaverse enterprise solution.”

Since Ready Player Me believes the metaverse isn’t a single app–it’s a network of millions of virtual worlds people visit–Mytaverse customers can use their avatars in Mytaverse and other metaverse companies that partner with Ready Player Me. Mytaverse and Ready Player Me are making the most user-friendly version of the metaverse, and it’s perfect for business needs.

Mytaverse and Ready Player Me are creating the future of enterprise software–today.

About Mytaverse

Mytaverse is building the Metaverse for enterprise. Founded in 2020 by Kenneth Landau and Jaime Lopez, Mytaverse is a cloud-based platform that allows 3D-immersive, multiplayer workplace environments. Mytaverse takes a hardware-agnostic approach, enabling users to enter the metaverse via any browser on any device, from mobile to desktop to VR goggles. Mytaverse raised a $7.6mm Seed Round in February 2022, led by Blumberg Capital. Companies like PepsiCo, Dassault Corporation, Zaha Hadid Architects, Asian Sky group, and Tekni-plex have already experienced the power of Mytaverse to bring their teams, partners, and customers together. Mytaverse allows companies to experience face-to-face interactions anytime, anywhere, from any device.

About Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me is a cross-game avatar platform for the metaverse. It lets you create a 3D avatar with a selfie and use it in 5,000+ compatible apps and games. You can explore virtual worlds in VRChat, join meetings in Spatial, or stream to your fans using Animaze – all with your personal avatar that represents you in virtual worlds. Any developer can integrate Ready Player Me into their apps and games using our free avatar SDK. It’s compatible with Unity and Unreal Engine and works great on the web, mobile, and desktop platforms.

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