Earn your living in Colombia

Colombia is an incredible destination to visit and experience  Latino culture. Although the minimum wage in Colombia is only USD 200 per month, you could see an increase in this income by considering the following ways to make more money. Living in Colombia

Additionally, you can access all the services you need for a decent life in Colombia.

Freelance services

You can offer services on Fiverr, Upwork, or Toptal. These platforms connect freelancers with jobs focused on hardcore coding and engineering skills. Also, you can find opportunities to build websites, do online marketing, design, proofreading, translate, video editing, create business plans, and more. These jobs are easy money that goes directly into your account.

Start a blog Living in Colombia

Starting a blog and creating an online community about what you’re passionate about could be a niche you have yet to discover. First, develop a content creation plan and start putting it out there. Once your content is published, you can sell ads or use affiliate marketing for income. Author Scoot Fox explains how to do this in his book Click Millionaires. He began with a forum about backyard chickens; now, he is a millionaire.

Publish a book

Explore your options on the ClickBank and CreateSpace platforms, where you can publish your books. It could be a family cookbook or an insider guide to Bogota. The possibilities are endless, as you no longer need a big publisher to believe in you to get your content out into the world. Check Steve Scott’s mini-books, ranging from 50 to 150 pages. These are simple guides on how to exercise or use Evernote. The books range from USD 0 to 3, and once they become famous, you can have a steady income without much effort.

Export Living in Colombia

Colombia has strict policies that allow local production to qualify for export. It could be a profitable investment opportunity if you are involved in a product, such as coffee, sugar, fruit, avocados, quinoa, or flowers. You could also consider becoming an international distributor for some of Colombia’s best-known brands, like Leonisa underwear, Agua Bendita swimwear, or Michú designer bags. In the latter case, you could manufacture and export your product. Labor is cheap in Colombia, as are quality raw materials. The chances of finding a market for your new product are excellent. Start selling locally and consider exporting as a future action.

Colombia Check-Mig Form

Investing and making money while living the Latino lifestyle is possible in Colombia. Before you move here, you must visit Colombia and see it with your own eyes. Nowadays, Colombian authorities require all international travelers to have the [Colombia Check Mig Form] for smooth entry. This mandatory travel document registers your current health status. Luckily, iVisa has all the tools to help you obtain this travel document. Complete a simple online form and expect an email with the documentation as soon as possible.

Now it’s time to enjoy Colombia!

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