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Drillisch confirms eSIM launch too

As reported, Drillisch now offers the eSIM as an alternative to the physical SIM card. The company – Drillisch confirms eSIM launch on request from teltarif.de.

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The prerequisite for using an eSIM profile is that the customer uses a tariff that also enables LTE-based Internet access. The offer is intended for smartphones and wearables alike.

The eSIM profiles are offered at the following Drillisch brands:

  • yourfone
  • smart mobile
  • WinSIM
  • PremiumSIM
  • simply
  • DeutschlandSIM
  • Handyvertrag.de
  • sim.de
  • eteleon
  • Galaxyexperte.de

Existing customers have the option of switching to the eSIM via their provider’s app or via the password-protected customer menu. Alternatively, the change of the SIM card type can also be ordered via the telephone customer service.

winSIM LTE 3 GB + iPhone 11

Customers can order the eSIM profiles as a replacement card for their existing Triple-SIM or as an additional MultiCard. There is a one-time exchange price of 14.95 euros. If the eSIM profile is switched as a MultiCard, then the same conditions apply to a conventional, physical MultiCard.

The QR code, which must be scanned in order to activate the eSIM with the mobile device, is stored in the personal service world on the website of the respective Drillisch brand. It is displayed as soon as the customer has logged in with his user data. Immediately after scanning the QR code, the eSIM is active. Important: During this process, the smartphone must be connected to the Internet, for example via WLAN.

LTE Special

The actual eSIM is permanently installed in the smartphone or smartwatch. Especially with wearables, the new SIM card format has largely prevailed, because usually there would be little room for a physical operator card. Among the first smartphones with eSIM are the current models of Apple iPhone and Google Pixel.

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