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Cyta says continues to include UK in EU roaming circle

Cyta announced that it continues to include the UK in its list of countries for which the EU regulation on roaming applies. Latest news about Cyta UK roaming find out below.

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The telecommunications company said it therefore urges its customers travelling to the UK to keep the ‘automatically select network’ feature on their mobile phones activated.

Cyta’s ‘Roaming Like At Home’ plan enables its customers to use their local tariff plan at no extra cost, when travelling to countries within the EU as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Gibraltar, Monaco and the UK.

The company urged its customers to check the roaming charges they are subject to when abroad.

The announcement follows another one earlier in the week from the communications commissioner’s office reminding people that as of December 21, 2020 the UK is a third country as per the EU regulation on roaming and was subject to more expensive charges.

The commissioner urged Cypriot subscribers who intend to visit the UK, to consult their providers before starting their journey about their current roaming charges within the UK. cyta uk roaming

It also advised people intending to visit the UK to deactivate the ‘automatically select network’ feature on their mobile phones so that they can have control over the network they use in relation to the billing terms and conditions. The same advice concerns those travelling within the EU, but find themselves in an area very close to a third country, it said.


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