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Harman, Continental, Bosch Lead in Connected Automotive Infotainment

Harman, Continental, and Bosch lead the way in connected infotainment systems, a segment that generated U$32 billion in revenues in 2019, finds global tech advisory firm ABI Research. In its latest Tier One Connected Automotive Infotainment Suppliers Competitive Ranking, Harman is the clear leader, with Continental in a distant second place and Bosch a close third. Automotive Infotainment

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Together, these three accounted for 30% of the total market revenue in 2019. While Visteon and Aptiv scored highly in innovation criteria, their comparatively lower implementation scores resulted in the fourth and sixth positions in the overall ranking, respectively.

The Tier One Connected Automotive Infotainment Suppliers competitive ranking analyzed and compared 15 of the most prominent Tier One suppliers offering connected infotainment worldwide—AISIN, Alpine, Aptiv, Bosch, Faurecia, Continental, Denso, Harman, Hyundai MOBIS, JVCKENWOOD, LG Electronics, Melco, Panasonic Automotive, Pioneer, and Visteon—using ABI Research’s proven, unbiased  innovation and implementation criteria framework.

With navigation and multimedia offerings increasingly standardized, particularly with the introduction of CarPlay and Android Auto, innovation in next-generation infotainment means shifting toward offering platforms based on an integrated cockpit domain controller that can be scaled across different vehicle segments and advanced HMI features. “The ability to deliver on these innovative technologies, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, means that financial strength has become pivotal. Tier Ones with the strongest financial health will not only be best prepared to weather the sales decline caused by the lower new vehicle sales and factory shutdowns but also to scale production up to supply new orders when OEMs go back to a fully working environment,” says Maite Bezerra, Smart Mobility & Automotive Research Analyst at ABI Research.

Harman leads the ranking because it has redefined its market positioning as a premium infotainment provider to develop global cockpit solutions with a scalable approach ranging from mass-market to premium OEMs,” Bezerra explains. The combination of the company’s portfolio of connected infotainment solutions with synergies from Samsung, its parent since 2017, results in a strong IVI portfolio with cutting-edge HMI technology, solid financial health, and high regional coverage and market share.

Continental is a traditional player in the automotive industry and outperforms Bosch in terms of implementation due to higher Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) collaborations and YoY sales growth. Bosch stands out for the highest net worth and entertainment revenue among the assessed Tier Ones, with an extensive global presence that heightens understanding of local and regional preferences. “Both companies missed out on first place in the ranking due to the early stage of their cockpit domain controller business,” says Bezerra.

Visteon is undoubtedly a leader in the cockpit domain controller segment and ranks first in innovation due to its comprehensive offerings that are easily scalable and cost-efficient. Nevertheless, the company missed a top-three position due to low implementation scores. Similarly, Aptiv, responsible for delivering the world’s first automotive infotainment solution based on the Android Automotive OS, is an innovation leader but ranks sixth in the overall ranking because of relatively low collaboration with OEMs, net worth, and YoY sales growth in 2020.

Overall, the leader’s group consists of companies that deliver highly innovative connected infotainment offerings while demonstrating high market share and robust financial health. The mainstream group, led by Visteon, consists of either innovative companies that lag behind in implementation, such as Visteon and Aptiv, or significant implementers that lag behind in deploying cockpit domain architecture in production vehicles, such as LG Electronics and Panasonic Automotive. The followers’ group, led by Pioneer, is mainly composed of companies that either have a niche strategy such as focusing on specific regional markets or vehicle categories, or companies with high or exclusive aftermarket focus,” Bezerra concludes.

These findings are from ABI Research’s Tier One Connected Automotive Infotainment Suppliers competitive ranking report. This report is part of the company’s Smart Mobility & Automotive research service, which includes research, data, and ABI Insights.

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