budapest mobile ticketing system

Budapest ‘s launched mobile ticketing system

Hungary’s national m-payment company Nemzeti Mobilfizetesi launched the first phase of Budapest’s mobile ticket system on 3 June after more than half a year of preparatory work and continuous testing. budapest mobile ticketing system
The introduction of mobile tickets as part of the Budapest integrated fare collection electronic system (Fovarosi integralt viteldijbeszedesi elektronikus rendszer, FVR) is implemented by Nemzeti Mobilfizetesi in cooperation with the Budapest Transport Center (Budapesti Kozlekedesi Kozpont). Initially, only tickets for rides to the airport can be acquired.

As a pilot project from June 2019, the mobile ticket is first offered for airport shuttle bus 100E. Passengers can purchase the mobile ticket with the help of the app by the National Mobile Payment Plc. or its distributors anytime, anywhere, even while waiting at the stop.

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Based on the service agreement between the National Mobile Payment Plc and BKK, no extra fees are charged for purchases in the app: the mobile ticket has the same price as the paper-based ticket.

The mobile ticket does not replace current paper tickets or passes, which are available as before, it is only an additional sales channel. b


To use the Budapest mobile ticketing system, passengers need to download the BKK FUTÁR app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Once the app is installed, passengers can purchase and store digital tickets for buses, trams, metros, and other forms of public transportation in Budapest.

The app offers several ticket options, including single tickets, 24-hour tickets, and 72-hour tickets, as well as discounted tickets for students and seniors. Once a ticket is purchased, it can be activated and validated directly from the app, eliminating the need for paper tickets or ticket machines.

Passengers can also use the BKK FUTÁR app to plan their routes and track the location of their bus, tram, or metro in real-time. This can help passengers to better plan their journey and avoid unnecessary waiting times.

The Budapest mobile ticketing system offers a convenient and efficient way for passengers to purchase and validate tickets for public transportation in Budapest. However, it is important to ensure that the app is downloaded from a trusted source and that the purchased tickets are valid for the intended journey. budapest mobile ticketing system


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