BNESIM is the World’s Best Travel SIM Provider for the fourth time! Get 30% Off on ALL products

Designed for today’s global citizens, BNESIM offers a one-stop communication solution to Gen Z nomads and other international travelers. It does away with complicated zoning laws, surcharges, and roaming taxes to offer a one-stop, easy mobile data service without hidden tariffs. 200+ countries are covered by a choice of 60,000+ data plans to put adventure back into travel and keep users connected all the time. Best Travel SIM Provider

The company’s achievements were recognized, and BNESIM has been honored with the prestigious title of “WORLD’S BEST TRAVEL SIM PROVIDER” at the “World Travel Tech Awards” for the fourth time!

BNESIM is the most modern approach to international communications for people, companies, and things, your one-stop solution for data eSIM and SIM cards, voice, phone numbers, video conference rooms, SMS, and IoT. Started in 2017 as a travel SIM card and app for travelers, BNESIM became an eSIM provider in 2022, and it continues expanding its services to new eSIM technologies and professionals and enterprises who can now benefit from features such as conference rooms, enhanced voice mail, and call reports, worldwide toll-free and mobile numbers, call blocking and barring, voice and data pool, and many more features to help professionals and enterprises do business.

What makes BNESIM so special? Best Travel SIM Provider

BNESIM offers a comprehensive travel eSIM solution that eliminates the need for physical SIM cards, providing users with the convenience of maintaining their phone number while traveling abroad. This innovative approach not only reduces roaming costs but also ensures uninterrupted internet access across the globe.

BNESIM’s physical SIM card is also a unique offering, providing global coverage without the need for contract commitments or hidden fees. Users can manage both their eSIM and SIM card profiles effortlessly through the BNESIM app, ensuring control and flexibility over their communication needs.

Moreover, the company offers tailored solutions such as BNE Guard and BNE Go. BNE Guard ensures the security of users’ data while they are connected to public WiFi networks, reflecting BNESIM’s dedication to customer safety. On the other hand, BNE Go provides users with unlimited internet access in over 64 countries, making it perfect for frequent travelers or digital nomads.

In essence, BNESIM’s unique blend of convenience, cost-effectiveness, control, and security sets it apart in the telecommunications market, making it a preferred choice for global communication needs.


To celebrate this momentous occasion and express BNESIM’s gratitude to you, the company is delighted to offer an exclusive promotion:

Get 30% OFF on ALL BNESIM products: eSIM & SIM cards


The promotion can be redeemed only once per customer, and it gives 30% off on all BNESIM products, up to 30€.

Promotion Procedures:

The customer has to enter the discount code at checkout. A discount of 30% will be applied to any BNESIM product. The promotion cannot be combined with other promotions. The discount can be used via the BNESIM app and website

Validity/Duration: The promotion is valid until 2023-10-27


To redeem this offer, simply use the code BEST30 at checkout.


Don’t miss out on this incredible offer, as it’s BNESIM’s way of saying thank you for choosing BNESIM as your preferred travel SIM card provider. The promotion is valid until October 27th, so make sure to take advantage of it while it lasts.

The World’s Best Travel SIM Provider 2023 nominees were FlexiRoam, GoSim, Monty Mobile, and TravelSim as well.


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