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BNESIM introduced New eSIM App and offers 50% Off for all Plans

BNESIM is a leading provider of eSIM plans and connectivity. eSIM technology enables cellular connectivity without the need for a physical SIM card. It allows users to easily switch between data plans from different providers through a smartphone app. BNESIM is excited to announce the launch of their completely redesigned eSIM app, built from the ground up to deliver a modern, intuitive interface and enhanced user experience. cheap esim

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The new BNESIM eSIM app features a fresh, clean design with visual appeal and seamless navigation. Extensive improvements make managing your eSIM cellular plans simpler and more efficient than ever before. The app has been optimized based on direct user feedback to create the ideal eSIM management experience.

With the new BNESIM eSIM app, switching plans, managing accounts, and accessing customer support is easier than before. Read on to learn more about the key benefits of the upgraded platform.

A Modern, Intuitive Interface cheap esim

BNESIM’s redesigned eSIM app features a modern, aesthetically pleasing design that makes navigation and use more intuitive than ever before. The app’s visual overhaul introduces a contemporary look with sleek lines, clean typography, and visually appealing colors and graphics.

Everything about the new interface aims to improve the user experience. Icons and menu options are thoughtfully placed for easy discovery and access. Pages load with animation and visual flair. Screens feature ample white space and organization, so you can quickly find whatever you need. With large tap targets and legible fonts optimized for all device sizes, interacting with the app is effortless.

Overall, BNESIM’s fresh modern interface coupled with improvements in information architecture results in an eSIM management app that feels polished, welcoming, and incredibly intuitive. The updated design language transforms an already capable app into one that looks as good as it functions. First-time users will find the app approachable and simple to pick up, while power users will appreciate the aesthetic overhaul and usability refinements. Try out the new eSIM app yourself and explore the beautiful new interface.

Streamlined Navigation cheap esim

The new BNESIM eSIM app makes it easier than ever to quickly access your account details, manage your plans, and view billing information. We’ve streamlined the navigation to remove any unnecessary steps, so you can get where you need to go with fewer clicks.

With the simplified navigation, you’ll enjoy fast and effortless access to: cheap esim
  • Your account overview and settings
  • Details of your current eSIM plan
  • Billing history and invoice downloads
  • Plan management tools to change, upgrade, or cancel your plan
  • The eSIM plan selection and purchase process
  • Your payment methods and billing details
  • Profile and contact information
  • Notification settings
  • Help and support resources

The intuitive interface allows you to navigate between sections smoothly without getting lost. Tapping through the various parts of your account is now extremely simple. We’ve eliminated confusing menus and reorganized navigation menus based on usage data, so you can find exactly what you need quickly.

Whether you’re looking to check your data usage this month, download a billing statement, upgrade to a new plan, or update your payment details, you’ll appreciate the streamlined access. Navigating your account has never been faster or easier, thanks to the simplified menus.

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Faster Load Times cheap esim

The new BNESIM eSIM app loads pages and information faster than ever before. Our development team has implemented several technical improvements to optimize the app’s speed and performance.

Loading data and navigating between screens is now nearly instantaneous. When you tap on a menu or link, the next screen appears immediately. This is a huge improvement over previous versions, where you may have experienced lag and delays.

The faster load times translate into a smooth, seamless user experience. No more waiting for pages to load or for progress wheels to spin. Everything happens quickly, keeping you engaged.

The speedy performance also leads to higher customer satisfaction. Research shows that slow load times harm the user experience and cause frustration. People expect apps to load instantly these days. The upgrades to our eSIM app ensure it meets those expectations.

By optimizing the code and implementing performance best practices, we’ve made the app incredibly quick and responsive. The days of sluggishness are over. The new BNESIM eSIM app sets a new standard for speed and efficiency.

Simplified eSIM Plans cheap esim

With our redesigned eSIM plans page in the app, it’s now easier than ever to understand your options, compare plans side-by-side, and select the one that fits your needs. We’ve taken the complexity out and made choosing a plan straightforward and intuitive. cheap esim

The new layout presents all of our current eSIM plans in a clear, organized manner. At a glance, you can see the allowances, features, and pricing for each plan. Icons and illustrations help visualize the differences so you can identify the right plan for your usage and budget. No more decoding complicated plan names or trying to decipher acronyms.


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Managing your plan is simple too. Do you need to change to a different plan because your usage has increased? Just a few taps will switch you to a higher allowance. Heading abroad and need a travel SIM? It’s easy to add a secondary travel plan and pause your existing plan while away. Everything can be done right within the app without having to contact customer support.

With these enhancements, you’ll save time and hassle when signing up for a new plan or making account changes. Our goal is to create the smoothest possible experience for you.

Feedback-Driven Development

Your feedback has driven enhancements to the new BNESIM eSIM app. We’re committed to continuous improvement based on user input. During the development process, we carefully listened to feedback from existing customers to understand the pain points and desires of the app.

Key improvements were implemented directly based on this user feedback, optimizing the app experience. For example, customers requested a more intuitive and seamless navigation flow. Our developers responded by streamlining the in-app navigation, making it easier to find information and manage your account.

We also heard users’ desire for faster load times. Our engineering team analyzed performance and refactored code to significantly improve loading speeds across the app. Pages now load lightning fast, so you can access your account swiftly.

The modern, aesthetically pleasing design also came out of a request for a more up-to-date look and feel. Customers wanted an app as sleek and stylish as other top apps. Our designers crafted a gorgeous new interface with visually appealing graphics and colors.

These enhancements demonstrate our customer-centric approach. We’ll continue listening to your input to shape ongoing improvements. Please keep the feedback coming! As a user-driven company, we value hearing your experiences and suggestions. Together, we’ll continue optimizing the BNESIM eSIM app.

Optimized Technical Performance

Our team of engineers has been hard at work under the hood to optimize the app’s technical performance. We’ve meticulously reviewed the codebase and infrastructure to identify areas for improvement. As a result, the new BNESIM eSIM app provides a smooth, efficient, and responsive experience. cheap esim

Some of the key technical upgrades include:

  • Upgraded to the latest version of our core framework for increased speed and stability. This powers faster loading and navigation in the app.
  • Implemented performance optimizations like lazy loading and caching to improve initial load times and create a seamless experience when switching between sections.
  • Migrated to a cloud-based infrastructure to ensure consistently fast performance regardless of traffic volumes. This prevents slowdowns even during peak usage times.
  • Refactored code and eliminated performance bottlenecks to boost response times by up to 40%. You’ll notice much snappier performance when interacting with the app.
  • Added multithreading support for key operations, allowing them to run in parallel for faster execution.
  • Implemented minification and code compression to reduce the app’s size, resulting in quicker download times.

With these under-the-hood upgrades, the new BNESIM eSIM app offers smooth and efficient functionality. Pages and features load lightning-fast, interactions are responsive, and navigation feels seamless. Technical lag is a thing of the past, letting you enjoy an app experience that feels fluid at all times.


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Easy Account Management

Managing your BNESIM account has never been simpler. The new app makes it easy to access and update your account details, billing information, settings, and more—all directly within the app.

Gone are the days of logging into a separate account management portal. Now you can conveniently manage everything related to your BNESIM account right from the app.

  • Update Account Details – Edit your personal details, contact information, password, and other account info.
  • View Billing & Payments – Check your payment history, view upcoming bills, and manage your payment methods.
  • Manage Plan Settings – Change your plan, enable roaming, or make other service adjustments.
  • Access Usage – Check your data usage, talk time, messaging, and other service statistics.

With a few taps, you have full control over your BNESIM account. Our easy-to-use interface makes account management a breeze. Whether you need to update your credit card, change plans, or view billing – it’s all accessible directly in the app.

The days of fumbling through a disconnected website are over. Manage your account with ease through the new and improved BNESIM eSIM app. cheap esim

alertify esimIn-App Customer Support

At BNESIM, we know that customer support is key. That’s why we’ve built in-app support directly into our new eSIM app. Now you can get the assistance you need instantly, without having to switch apps or go through tedious phone menus.

With in-app support, help is just a tap away. Simply open the support section in the app, and you’ll have direct access to our customer support team. Get your questions answered or issues resolved quickly and easily through in-app messaging or chat.

In-app support provides an enhanced customer experience. By integrating support directly into the app, we can deliver instant assistance when you need it most. No more waiting on hold or searching for a customer service number. Just tap for support and get the quick solutions you want.

Our goal is to provide seamless, frictionless support. We want to resolve any issues immediately so you can go back to enjoying our eSIM services. The in-app support feature enables us to provide a top-notch customer experience. We’re here for you anytime, through the power of the app.

Limited Time 50% Discount

To celebrate the launch of our new and improved eSIM app, we are offering an exclusive limited-time discount for the first 5,000 users who upgrade to the new app version. For a limited time, use promo code NEWUX50 at checkout to get 50% off all eSIM plans up to 10 Euros!

This exciting launch discount is only valid for the first 5,000 customers who download the new BNESIM eSIM app and purchase a plan using the NEWUX50 promo code. So download the app today and take advantage of these major savings on our flexible, easy-to-use eSIM plans.

With the NEWUX50 promo code, you can get any eSIM plan up to 10 euros for half of the regular price. Whether you need a 1 GB data plan for 5 euros or a 10 GB plan for 10 euros, you’ll save 50% as long as you enter the promo code at checkout. This is a limited-time offer exclusive to the first 5,000 new app users, so act fast if you want to take advantage of these incredible savings.

Experience the convenience of eSIM technology and the flexibility of BNESIM’s plans now with 50% off! Just download our new user-friendly app, select the plan that meets your needs, enter promo code NEWUX50 at checkout, and start saving today. But hurry, this exclusive discount won’t last long!

Upgrade Your Europe Trip – Explore eSIM Plans Today!
  • eSIM for Europe
    30 countries

  • eSIM for Europe
    39 countries
  • 1 GB – 7 days – €4.53
    3 GB – 30 days – €12.00
    10 GB – 30 days – €33.40airalo
  • eSIM for Europe
    29 countries
  • 500 MB – 1 day – €2.00
    3 GB – 30 days – €8.00
    10 GB – 30 days – €19.00 ubigi
  • eSIM for Europe
    36 countries
  • 1 GB – 7 days – €5.00
    3 GB – 15 days – €12.00
    10 GB – 30 days – €16.50 nomad
  • aloSIM
  • eSIM for Europe
    32 countries
  • 1 GB – 7 days – €4.61
    3 GB – 30 days – €11.99
    10 GB – 30 days- €34.12
    alosim logo
  • Instabridge
  • eSIM for Europe
    32 countries
  • 1 GB – 7 days – €3.73
    3 GB – 15 days – €8.45
    10 GB – 30 days- €17.40
    instabridge logo
  • Yoho Mobile
  • eSIM for Europe
    43 countries
  • 1 GB – 30 days – €4.64
    3 GB – 30 days – €8.46
    10 GB -30 days- €22.36
    yoho mobile
  • eSIM for Europe
    37 countries
  • 1 GB – 30 days – €4.18
    4 GB – 30 days – €6.95
    10 GB – 30 days – €11.96
  • Jetpac
  • eSIM for Europe
    28 countries
  • 1 GB – 30 days – €0.90***
    5 GB – 30 days – €11.00
    10 GB – 30 days – €22.85

    jetpac logo

* Get your Airalo discount code here. ** All packages include 100 Mins of local calls. ***Jetpac promo code: 1FOR1

 If you have any questions about which package to buy, please reach out to our friendly Customer Support team via email: info@alertify.eu

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