Block Ads Trackers and Malware

Block Ads, Trackers, and Malware with SmartGuard

With the rise of intrusive ads, trackers, and malicious websites, it’s crucial to have the right tools to protect yourself and your loved ones while browsing the internet. Block Ads Trackers and Malware

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That’s why you should try SmartGuard. A powerful solution that empowers users to fight back against these threats.

What is SmartGuard? Block Ads Trackers and Malware

SmartGuard is a comprehensive online security tool designed to block intrusive ads, trackers, and malicious websites that can compromise your privacy and steal your information.

How Does SmartGuard Work?

SmartGuard is a modern DNS filter to protect you online. DNS is a system that converts IP addresses to readable domains for people to use, like hide.me!

As you access websites, SmartGuard analyses the DNS requests and cross-references them against its vast database of known malicious websites and ad/tracker domains. If a match is found, the request is blocked, preventing the associated threats from reaching your device.

Why not just use a browser ad-blocking extension?

Ad-blocking extensions are not quite as flexible as their solution but they are a good companion to SmartGuard. Whilst the extension may protect your browser, SmartGuard protects your whole device.

This means that no app can circumvent the blocking as long as you are connected to one of their servers.

Will SmartGuard impact my security and privacy?

hide.me stores no logs of the websites you visit, keeping your privacy intact. From a security perspective, the proactive approach from SmartGuard only serves to enhance your security by exposing you to less malicious content. And with their useful statistics, you’ll be able to visualize just how much SmarGuard is shielding you from.

What Can SmartGuard Do?

SmartGuard is built with three main objectives in mind:

Block Advertisements and Trackers

The internet is inundated with intrusive and potentially harmful advertisements and trackers. SmartGuard acts as your personal shield, effectively cleaning up the internet and allowing you to browse in peace.

Protect Against Malware

SmartGuard goes beyond ad-blocking and provides robust protection against malware. It leverages an extensive database of known malicious websites, proactively blocking access to them. By preventing the download of malware, SmartGuard ensures your devices stay secure, and your personal information remains protected.

Parental Controls

SmartGuard offers granular parental controls, enabling you to create a safe browsing environment for your kids. With optional filters, you can block access to gambling sites, adult content, and more. Moreover, SmartGuard allows you to add custom entries, giving you complete control over the content your children can access.

SmartGuard is Flexible!

We know that not all users of SmartGuard will have the same use case. Some will want to just block ads, others will want to keep their kids safe online. That’s why flexibility is at the core of SmartGuard.

Built into SmartGuard is the ability to tailor the experience to your liking, without becoming overwhelming. Service broke out each of the main components of SmartGuard into separate toggles. So you can enable any combination of ad blocking, tracker blocking, and parental controls. It’s all extremely easy to use and set up.

For those who don’t mind more complexity. You can dig into the advanced settings to block or allow your own domains and much more.

Use SmartGuard Today Block Ads Trackers and Malware

SmartGuard is available right now for all Premium users across all platforms with dedicated hide.me VPN apps! This includes Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. You can find it under Settings > SmartGuard in your hide.me VPN app.

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