Best Internet Provider for Businesses in Austria

Magenta Business: The Best Internet Provider for Businesses in Austria

The current ÖGVS study published in TREND gives Magenta Business sensational evidence. Of the five Internet providers for business customers examined, Magenta Telekom performed best. Best Internet Provider for Businesses in Austria 

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The categories of tariffs, range of offers, as well as transparency and comfort were examined.

Magenta Business as a convincing test winner

As the business magazine TREND reports, Magenta Business emerged as the winner in the current ÖGVS study with a grade of 1.7. The other places are followed by Drei (grade 2), A1 (2.5), Telematica (2.6) and Fonira (3.4). The ÖGVS, Society for Consumer Studies GmbH, attests that Magenta Business has the widest range of offerings, as well as the highest transparency and the highest level of convenience.

Werner Kraus, CCO B2B Magenta Telekom: “We are always happy when we receive positive feedback directly from our customers. The ÖGVS study confirms how well Magenta Business is doing on the market. This makes us particularly happy and encourages us to continue to give the best to entrepreneurs in Austria. Fast gigabit internet, stable mobile communications and cutting-edge digital solutions are the basis of a successful company.”

Magenta on the test winner’s road Best Internet Provider for Businesses in Austria

With the ÖGVS study, Magenta Telekom‘s success story continues. The company recently won IMTEST’s broadband and landline test, building on its connect test victory (Austria’s best landline Internet provider). Previously, Magenta won the Ookla® Speedtest™ Awards for Fastest Fixed Internet and Fastest Mobile Network. The detailed results of the ÖGVS study can be read in the business magazine TREND and at www.qualitiestest.at .


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