Airtel Tanzania launches first eSIM card services

Airtel Tanzania launches the first eSIM card services in the country. Airtel Tanzania has introduced embedded SIMs to give customers the same functionality as a physical SIM. Airtel Tanzania esim

Benefits of e-SIM:

  •  The e-SIM is an evolution of the physical SIM card with the same capabilities, the only difference is that it’s digital – eradicating the chances of losing or damaging the SIM card.
  •  2nd SIM card in the phones that have only one physical SIM slot
  •  With an eSIM -a compatible device you can easily install an eSIM profile
  •  If you are a frequent traveler, you will find the eSIM very convenient for switching network operators.

Who can take it: Airtel Tanzania esim

  •  Any-one with a phone that is compatible with e-SIM.
  •  Airtel Customer can either swap their current SIM to eSIM to take an additional eSIM on their phones (as a 2nd line)
  •  Any customer who had a competition physical SIM, can also take an Airtel e-SIM if his phone is compatible with e-SIM.
  •  Apple watch / iPad / other Devices that are compatible with e-SIM

How to Activate an eSIM:

  •  First check if your phone is compatible by dialing *#06# on your smartphone.
  •  Your device should display an EID number – which means that your device is eSIM capable.

How to get an eSIM:

  •  Visit any Airtel shop where our seasoned customer care executive will walk you through the process of setting up your eSIM using the QR code.
  • Dial *#06#, Your device should display an EID number – which means that your device is eSIM capable.


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