digital passport technology KLM flights

Idemia will try digital passport technology on KLM flights

IDEMIA is the technology provider for the European Union (EU) DTC-1 Pilot. The European Commission (EC) started the program to test the DTC on KLM flights between Canada and the Netherlands for three months. digital passport technology KLM flights

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DTC is a virtual credential derived from a state-issued passport and stored on the holder’s smartphone. It is an exact representation of the electronic machine-readable travel document which includes the holder’s biographical data and facial image.

From a security perspective, passport checks at different checkpoints of the journey are considered to be crucial. By applying digital technologies to improve this essential process, IDEMIA is contributing to making it more convenient for travelers while safeguarding their privacy and security.

This pilot facilitates the traveler’s journey digital passport technology KLM flights

Participating travelers can create their DTC on a dedicated mobile app that is able to read the chip of a physical travel document. Travelers can then take a selfie, which will be compared to the photo stored in the chip of their travel document.
Once created, they will be able to share in advance the data and entry questionnaire relevant to their journey with the airline for biometric boarding and to border control authorities for biometric border crossing purposes. Only a biometric match and a tap of the passport are necessary upon arrival.

This pilot facilitates the traveler’s journey, making it smoother, faster and more comfortable, all the while safeguarding their security and privacy.

Belgian, Canadian, and Dutch passengers traveling from Montreal to Amsterdam via KLM and willing to participate in the pilot will still have to bring a physical passport. digital passport technology KLM flights

The trial is being co-funded by the European Commission in order to be evaluated for three months in actual boarding and border situations before most likely being implemented at a larger European scale.

We are very proud to provide our technology to the Consortium that put European innovation as a banner. IDEMIA has always worked in the Identity & Travel Industry to continuously innovate and maintain safe and smooth travel in the face of complex security challenges. The DTC-1 pilot is taking seamless travel one step further by simplifying the travel process, safeguarding privacy, security and global interoperability, Jacques Van Zijp, Managing Director Netherlands PSI for IDEMIA.


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