9€ ticket coming June 1, valid across Germany

Commuters in Germany will be able to use their local bus, tram, U-Bahn and train services for just €9 a month from June 1st

In an effort to reduce its reliance on Russian oil, the government in Germany is slashing the cost of public transport for residents. 9€ ticket germany

The plan to offer people in Germany cheaper monthly public transport passes is becoming more concrete. According to a new report, the tickets should be available from June 1 and will be valid nationwide.

Discounted public transport tickets coming June 1

The 9-euro ticket is shaping up to be a more enticing offer than previously thought. According to various reports in the German media, the federal government is planning to make the monthly passes available for three months from June 1 – in good time for the summer holidays.

Contrary to what was previously expected, the RND has also reported that the 9-euro ticket will be valid on regional transportation across the whole of Germany. The Bundestag’s transport committee apparently decided that tickets limited by region would be impractical.

“The 9-euro ticket must be valid nationwide,” said SPD traffic expert Martin Kröber to the RND. “Otherwise, commuters who cross the borders of federal states and transport associations will be disadvantaged.” He added that June 1 was the earliest possible date for the offer to start, due to necessary legislative processes.

The Bundestag will reportedly vote on May 18 or 19 on a draft law providing for the discounted tickets for public transport, and the Bundesrat is expected to give its approval on May 20. The tickets will be available to buy via the internet, on the Deutsche Bahn app, and at service centres in stations, but probably not at ticket machines.

Season ticket holders to benefit from the scheme 9€ ticket germany

The transport committee has also clarified that people who already hold a monthly pass will not be disadvantaged by the new offer. According to the RND, season ticket holders should receive a credit or a refund for the price difference between their subscription and the 9-euro ticket. How exactly this will be paid out will be left up to the transport companies to decide.

People studying in Germany who have a semester ticket will also benefit – probably in the form of a refund for the three months.

Will cheap tickets mean greater public transport use?

It’s unclear how much impact the subsidized public transport will have on car ownership or usage.

It’s likely to lead to more people purchasing the low-cost tickets. But this doesn’t necessarily translate to more people abandoning their cars for a trip by train, tram, or bus.


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