O2 Telefónica launches 5G in Munich’s subway system

Munich-based telecommunications provider O2 Telefónica is launching its fast 5G network in the Munich subway. From now on, all O2 customers with the appropriate tariff and device can use the modern 5G mobile communications standard in the entire subway network of the Bavarian capital. munich subway 5g


Whether on the daily commute to work or on the way to events such as soccer matches and the Oktoberfest – thanks to 5G, O2 customers benefit from an improved network experience on all lines from U1 to U8. They have access to higher mobile data rates and more network capacity when they use music and video streaming or other digital applications while riding the subway.

The Munich subway is the most important means of public transport in Munich. Every day, the Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG) transports over one million passengers. An excellent mobile network is therefore essential. O2 Telefónica has already been offering all customers 4G/LTE for mobile telephony and data usage “underground” since 2017. Now, the telecommunications provider has also activated the future standard 5G, making the mobile network in the subway area fit for the future. Thanks to 5G, customers will also be able to use completely new digital applications in the future. These include sophisticated mobile gaming and virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR) applications.

“We are rolling out 5G faster than any other mobile technology before. The launch of our 5G network in the Munich subway is further proof of our rapid expansion progress. It means we can offer our customers an outstanding network experience when they travel on Munich’s subway lines. We are making Munich our 5G capital,” Mallik Rao, Chief Technology & Information Officer at O2 Telefónica.

State-of-the-art mobile technology installed for the subway network

In total, Munich passengers will be supplied with high-performance mobile communications via more than 200 radio cells.
Before the launch of the new high-speed network, O2 Telefónica’s network engineers had to carry out extensive modernization measures in the Munich underground in recent weeks. Among other things, they replaced the existing hardware in the subway’s technical rooms with state-of-the-art network technology. A total of around 100 new transmitter units were installed. From now on, the so-called Single RAN technology (SRAN) will ensure that O2 can flexibly play out all mobile technologies – 2G/GSM, 4G/LTE and 5G – over the available frequency ranges. In total, Munich passengers will be supplied with high-performance mobile communications via more than 200 radio cells. The work required was particularly challenging due to ongoing subway operations. This meant that the conversion work could only be carried out in sections and at night when traffic was quiet.

O2 offers best mobile network in Munich munich subway 5g

The telecommunications provider is thus offering all O2 customers in its home city of Munich an even better network. O2 already has the best mobile network in Munich. The trade magazine connect attests the O2 network in Munich with the top mark “Outstanding” the highest network quality of all German providers. One reason for this is the very extensively developed 5G network: O2 already supplies over 80 percent of the population in Munich with fast 5G at 3.6 GHz. In total, more than 600 5G antennas are transmitting on this high-speed frequency alone in the Bavarian capital. For an ever better network experience, O2 is continuously expanding its strong network in Munich – above ground as well as in the subway.  munich subway 5g

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