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3 Hong Kong announced the launch of dedicated 5G business solutions for leaders in different industries, including textile and clothing, construction, shopping mall management, and performing arts organizations. 3 Hong Kong business 5g

The solutions facilitate the related industries to carry out rapid digital transformation, embrace the new normal, and seize more business opportunities. In addition, 3 Hong Kong also assisted a number of customers to successfully apply for the government’s subsidy scheme to encourage early deployment of 5G in order to reduce the time to market their 5G business solutions.

The enterprises that successfully received the government’s subsidy with 3  Hong Kong’s assistance are from all walks of life. Following Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra’s adoption of 3 Hong Kong’s 5G 4K Broadcasting Solution and successful application for the subsidy, several enterprises and institutions have received the grant including Mandarin Enterprises (International) Company Limited (Mandarin Enterprises), Paul Y. Engineering Group, Fortune REIT and Hong Kong Dance Company, etc. Some of them obtained the subsidy cap and a total of over HK$3 million has been granted to the successful applicants. 3 Hong Kong offers enterprises diversified 5G business solutions and all-around support by combining its strongest 5G network and its close relationship with various scientific research partners, allowing enterprises to enhance operational efficiency and embrace the new normal after the pandemic.

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Kenny Koo, Executive Director and CEO of HTHKH, said “3 Hong Kong’s strongest 5G network with our network coverage of 99%*, coupled with our close contact with scientific researchers established by ‘3Innocity’, laying a solid foundation for our 5G business solutions. We have been focusing at tailor-making diversified 5G business solutions to satisfy the needs of specific industries. The launch of the government’s Subsidy Scheme for Encouraging Early Deployment of 5G has accelerated the implementation of different 5G business solutions and allows us to help enterprises carry out rapid digital transformation, accept new challenges, and embrace the new normal during the pandemic, enabling 3 Hong Kong to become the leading 5G business solution provider in the market.”


Different industries benefit from a wide range of 5G business solutions 3 Hong Kong business 5g

Mandarin Enterprises is one of the leaders in the textile and clothing industry, with businesses covering Europe, America, and Asia Pacific. With 3 Hong Kong’s assistance, Mandarin Enterprises adopted 5G 4K Video Conferencing Solution at its office. The solution includes a high-definition 4K camera to allow meeting participants to view the color and texture of the silk in detail; a touch-screen conference room phone to control the focus and shooting angle of the camera; a cloud-based video conferencing application to share contents during the meeting; and a 5G router to deliver ultra-fast and stable video over 3 Hong Kong’s 5G network. 5G 4K video conferencing solution is easy to install and protected with encryption control, enabling staff to conduct meetings with customers and business partners all over the world anytime, saving travel time and expenses compared with physical meetings overseas.

Estella Kwan, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Mandarin Enterprises, said “Mandarin Enterprises manufactures high-end silk and other woven fabrics in an infinite variety of colours and designs, adhering to the highest standards of excellence, integrity, sustainability and customer service. Deployment of 5G network technology with its ultra-high speed and low latency is a key element of our business model and corporate strategy. It swiftly and seamlessly provides our global customers with high-definition images of the texture and print quality of the designs in the most timely and cost-effective manner.”

Paul Y. Engineering Group is one of the largest contractors in Hong Kong. With the use of 3 Hong Kong’s 5G network together with Mixed Reality (MR) devices, cloud and Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies, Paul Y. Engineering has successfully enabled model projection, annotation, remote support, video conferencing and training on site. Mr. James Lee, the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Paul Y. Engineering Group, said “Due to large file size, traditional BIM can only be viewed on computers. By using 5G BIM MR Solution, workers can visualise 3D MR images, compare architecture design and onsite situation, conduct clash 3 detection, preview building process and experience the sense of project completion in real time on their devices. Defects from planning and design can be detected at the earliest opportunity to save time and cost, where additional construction materials and waste in case of project modification are eliminated to improve environmental efficiency.”

In addition, perspective drawings for wall and underground structures can avoid destruction of original pipes and cables during chiseling to enhance safety during construction. As information is synchronised, travelling time between office and construction site is being saved, significantly uplifting working efficiency and accelerating construction processes.
Fortune REIT is the first real estate investment trust to own properties in Hong Kong. Its shopping mall management subsidiary has adopted 3 Hong Kong’s 5G Smart Robotic Solution in +Woo shopping mall in Tin Shui Wai. The solution includes a smart robot and a set of AI cloud systems.


One-stop support for enterprises applying for the subsidy

3 Hong Kong has formed a dedicated team to help enterprises apply for the government’s Subsidy Scheme for Encouraging Early Deployment of 5G. The team tailors innovative 5G solutions with cross-sectoral synergy to specific industries. The team helps interested enterprises create a project implementation schedule and an investment budget, as well as extends 5G coverage in related areas. Free professional consultation service and assistance with the submission of applications are also available. 3 Hong Kong business 5g

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