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VivaCell-MTS introduces eSIM ‘s

If your smartphone is equipped with eSIM technology, then, simply by visiting one of the Viva-MTS service centers, you can easily replace the physical SIM card with eSIM, which will be with you always, everywhere. VivaCell-MTS esim

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Transferring from a physical SIM card to an eSIM is possible for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers in the event of activation of both existing and new telephone numbers.

Activation of the eSIM card is possible by receiving a special QR code via e-mail or paper.

In the case of an existing subscription, the replacement of the card for prepaid և postpaid subscribers costs 300 AMD (including VAT), and in the case of a new subscription, the subscriber pays only the cost of the selected tariff plan.


  • All services available for a physical SIM card also work with eSIM.
  • The QR code for one eSIM card can be used for one subscription. VivaCell-MTS esim

The most visited countries for VivaCell-MTS users are: Russia, Artsakh, Georgia and USA

Reopening of Zvartnots International Airport service centers

VivaCell-MTS service centers located in the luggage arrival and arrival halls of Zvartnots International Airport will now operate according to the previous round-the-clock schedule.

Viva-MTS (“MTS Armenia” CJSC) (“VivaCell” at founding) obtained a license on the implementation of activities in 2004. Launched in 2005 with a small staff under the leadership of General Manager Ralph Yirikian, the team set a target to provide an extensive mobile network throughout the country as soon as possible and start the provision of services.

The first on-net call of Viva-MTS was made on July 1, 2005, marking the beginning of a new era in Armenia’s telecommunications field. The arrival of Viva-MTS in Armenia put an end to the monopoly in the field of mobile communications and started the competition to completely change the situation in the field soon. Thanks to the high quality, affordable tariffs, reliability and extensive network coverage offered by Viva-MTS, GSM services shortly became available to the population of Armenia.

In 2006 Viva-MTS continued to develop not only the network but also the organizational structure.  The Company’s long-term targets were based on improving the quality of the opportunities and the services provided to subscribers.

In September 2007, after the sale of 80% of the shares, the company became a subsidiary of one of the largest telecommunications companies in the CIS area – the Russian company “Mobile TeleSystems” (“MTS”). In parallel with the new strategy, definition of goals, and the formulation of a common corporate mission, a new organizational structure of Viva-MTS started to develop.


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