USA Mobile Data: Most Expensive Globally

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To understand the cost of accessing mobile data, looked at over 6,313 data plans across 230 countries. It identified the average cost per gigabyte of data, along with the cheapest and most expensive plans. usa mobile data

Comparison site found that in the USA the average price per gigabyte for mobile data was $12.37.

It puts the USA in 182nd place out of 230 countries. This price is based on buying SIMs with data on them. The cheapest USA SIM was just $1.50 while the most expensive was an eye watering $60.00 per gigabyte.

The average cost per gigabyte among the three cheapest countries for mobile data were India $0.26, Kyrgyzstan $0.27 and Kazakhstan $0.49 . It would be easy to look at these numbers and talk about relative earnings and pricing. So what about other European countries to put the UK in perspective?

Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium are all more expensive than the UK. At the other end of the scale the cheapest European countries are Finland $1.16, followed by Monaco $1.21 and Poland $1.32. usa mobile data

usa mobile data

According to a study by UK based research firm businessfibre, the US follows Switzerland, South Korea and Norway among the nations with the most expensive broadband and mobile internet charges.

The US on average charges $12.37 for one gigabyte (GB) of data. Switzerland, with 12 mobile plan providers, charges on average $20.22 for every 1 GB.

Cost of Mobile Data in the US

According to the survey the country with the cheapest mobile and broadband service is Israel. Israel is followed by Finland ($1.16), Denmark ($1.36) and Austria ($1.88) as the countries with cheap broadband and mobile internet. Israel charges $0.90 for every 1GB of data.

The survey analyzed 30 nations on the price of mobile and broadband internet as well as their speed. With 32 mobile plan providers, the US is ranked 22nd with an average of 41.23 megabytes per second (Mbps) in mobile download speed among 30 nations surveyed across the world. In terms of mobile upload speed the US is at the bottom tier, ranked fifth with 10.55 MBPs. Japan has the slowest mobile upload speed of 9.22 Mbps. This is followed by Ireland (9.51 MBPs), France (10.22 MBPs) and the United Kingdom (10.42 MBPs).

Neighboring Canada with 60 mobile plan providers ranks fourth when it comes to its average mobile download speed of 71.03 megabytes per second (Mbps). Canada incidentally charges an average of $6.66 for 1 GB of data.

Fastest Internet

The top three nations with the fastest mobile download speeds are the United Arab Emirates (87.01 MBPs), South Korea (83.9 MBPs) and Qatar (82.59 MBPs) respectively.

At the other end of the spectrum Israel with 25 mobile plan providers has the slowest average mobile download speed of 22.63 MBPs. Those that follow Israel in the global ranking with the slowest mobile download are Ireland (27.12 MBPs), Japan (32.12 MBPs) and Hong Kong (34.45 MBPs)


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