Trusted Connectivity Alliance Advances eSIM Interoperability

Trusted Connectivity Alliance (TCA) has released a free-to-use tool to further promote the interoperable deployment of SIM-based value-added services. The new TCALoader tool enables mobile operators and application developers to download, install and manage applications on the UICC / eUICC to test interoperability across different deployments. This supports increasing industry demand for the delivery of various services through eSIM technology. Trusted Connectivity Alliance eSIM Interoperability

As the tool has been extensively tested against TCA member solutions – which collectively represent the majority of the global market – it is uniquely positioned to significantly reduce the complexity of launching new services.

TCA has a proven record over decades promoting interoperability across the SIM ecosystem,” comments Bertrand Moussel, Chair of the TCA Board. “Developing and releasing the TCALoader as a publicly available tool reflects our organisation’s continued commitment to consistency and reliability. This is increasingly crucial as eSIM adoption builds and demand grows to leverage its advanced security and flexibility to host multiple applications, unlocking new opportunities for consumers, enterprises and industry.”

The TCALoader is an evolution of the CAT Loader tool. This was first released by SIMalliance in 2007 (which became the TCA in 2020) and has been widely used by mobile operators and application developers to test and implement new services.  The TCALoader introduces enhanced features to support different SIM form factors such as eSIM and integrated SIM, meet the latest industry standards, support new protocols and increase security.

Key updates include: Trusted Connectivity Alliance eSIM Interoperability

  • Support for 3GPP Release 15 (5G).
  • Support for GlobalPlatform Card Specification Version 2.3, including HTTPs protocol and SCP03.
  • Support for SCP02, CAT-TP and SMS protocols to maintain backward compatibility.
  • Java Card application compilation and loading of applications based on the latest ETSI and 3GPP Java Card APIs.
  • Application and security domain auditing.
  • Management of secure element services.
  • Improved user experience through a wizard-based configuration.

The tool is available to download from the TCA website.

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