Valid, Simplex Wireless, and Globalscale Technologies Collaborate on Cutting-Edge eSIM SGP.32 Demonstration at MWC Las Vegas

Valid, Simplex Wireless, and Globalscale Technologies are proud to announce a collaborative showcase of the new eSIM for IoT Specification SGP.32 ecosystem at this year’s MWC Las Vegas tradeshow. This unified effort demonstrates the potential transformative impact of the new eSIM specification on the industry, as well as the strong commitment of the three firms to driving technological advancements forward. eSIM SGP.32 

Valid, a leader in interoperable eSIM services, played a pivotal role in this demonstration. Jose Manuel Castro, Valid’s SVP of Global OEM Sales, highlights our dedication to flexibility, stating, “In a world where flexibility is paramount, we don’t believe in being a ‘one-stop shop. Instead, we empower customers to assemble components tailored to their IoT project. Our recent Proof of Concept (PoC) with SimpleX Wireless showcases this commitment, with Valid handling Subscription Management Services and eSIM components while enabling customers to integrate their own components. This approach underscores the importance of options in the real world.”

Simplex, Globalscale, and Truphone showcase remote eSIM management for IoT eSIM SGP.32

Simplex Wireless is showcasing its eSIM Service Management Provider (eSMP) capabilities by enabling remote SIM provisioning management capabilities. “We are excited about the massive adoption of eSIM in IoT” says Jan Lattunen, CCO of Simplex Wireless. “With this eSIM will be able to deliver on its promise towards the solution makers”.

Lastly, Globalscale Technologies, a leader in network device technologies, brings to the demonstration its state-of-the-art 5G Router device. “This is something the industry has been asking from us for a long time,” comments Bryan Cheng, Vice President of Globalscale Technologies. “We are excited to be able to bring eSIM-enabled devices to our customers needs.”

Together, the trio aims to educate and inspire industry peers and consumers about the many possibilities the new eSIM SGP.32 specification brings. By unifying their strengths and expertise, the companies hope to accelerate the adoption and benefits of this game-changing tech innovation.

To witness the future of eSIM technology, reach out to Valid, Simplex Wireless, and Globalscale Technologies at MWC Las Vegas or visit their website for further information.

About Valid

Valid (B³: VLID3 – ON) provides tailored solutions that integrate emerging technologies to enable secure, trusted experiences. From Data, Payments, Identity, Mobile to IoT, and Digital Certification, Valid offers a wide portfolio of services and solutions that accelerate the digital transformation of our clients’ business. With over 60 years of experience and more than 3,000 employees in 16 countries, Valid is the largest issuer of identification documents in Brazil, among the top 5 producers of SIM cards, and the world’s largest manufacturer of banking cards. To learn more, visit

About Simplex Wireless eSIM SGP.32 

Simplex Wireless is an Atlanta, USA-based independent connectivity service provider. Simplex offers eSIM-enabled Global IoT connectivity for Businesses and Makers of Things in 192 countries and over 500 networks. In addition, to this Simplex Wireless is an eSIM Service Management Provider (eSMP) and provides a state-of-the-art Bring Your Own Operator (BYOO) to manage your new and old IoT Connections.

About GlobalScale Technologies

Globalscale is a full-service ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) specializing in networking, wireless, and IoT devices. Globalscale has a full line of 4G & 5G connected edge devices and embedded trackers optimized for the next-generation wireless and cellular protocols.

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