Sofia rolls out single journey QR mobile tickets across public transportation network

Public transport users in Sofia can now buy and store single journey QR code e-tickets on their mobile device which they can validate for travel on metro, bus, tram and trolleybus services across the Bulgarian capital’s transit network. Sofia public transport

Passengers can purchase their ticket on the day of travel via the MPass app with their credit or debit card and validate it by scanning the QR code on an onboard reader or at metro ticket barriers.

Users with Bulgarian A1, Vivacom or Telenor accounts can also opt to charge ticket purchases to their monthly mobile phone bill.

Once validated, tickets can be used for up to 90 minutes, but cannot be used for transfers between services.

Every passenger who wants to receive an electronic ticket or a daily travel card is required to register in the MPASS application and choose from the possible options transport documents – daily ticket, one-way subway ticket and one-time public transport card. He then chooses the method of payment and after confirmation, receives the transport document with a secure QR code. At least 60 seconds must elapse between the purchase and the validation of the document. The validation is then done by scanning from the mobile phone screen the QR code of the subway or vehicle validators. It is mandatory.

During the check it is necessary for the passenger to present the screen of a mobile phone with a visualized QR code of the active ticket. The controllers scan the presented QR code with the controller PDA. For trouble-free validation and verification of the cards, it is necessary for the mobile phone to have a constant internet connection, to have a sufficiently illuminated screen and to be kept at a distance of 5-10 cm from the validator reader. It is mandatory for the application to be used in the normal mode of operation of the Internet browser, without starting in incognito or secret mode.
To date, more than 42,000 passengers use the MPASS app to purchase a daily public transport ticket online.

Sofia’s Urban Mobility Center is rolling out the ticketing system as part of plans to introduce a fully integrated electronics payment system that will allow passengers to make contactless payments for their journeys directly from their credit or debit card and is currently in “testing mode”.

To date, passengers have only been able to purchase electronic daily travel passes via the MPass app.

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