Slovak Telekom sees highest holiday roaming traffic from neighbouring countries

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Slovak Telekom said its customers used roaming mostly in the neighboring countries Austria and the Czech Republic at the end of 2018, during the holiday season. Slovak Telekom roaming traffic
Outside the EU, the US, the UAE and Thailand were popular destinations. However, non-EU countries seldom fall into the top 20 roaming countries.

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Slovak Telekom is a telecommunications provider in Slovakia that offers roaming services for its customers who are traveling abroad. These services include:

  1. EU Roaming: Slovak Telekom customers can use their domestic tariff plans when traveling within the European Union, without any additional charges. This includes unlimited calls and SMS within the EU, and a fixed data allowance.
  2. Non-EU Roaming: Slovak Telekom customers can use their domestic tariff plans in selected countries outside the European Union, for a fixed daily rate.
  3. Roaming Data Packages: Slovak Telekom offers different data packages that provide customers with a fixed amount of data to use while traveling abroad, for a fixed price.
  4. Roaming in Cruise Ships and Ferries: Slovak Telekom also offers special roaming packages for customers who are traveling on a cruise ship or ferry.

Customers can activate these services by logging into their Slovak Telekom account, sending an SMS, or calling Slovak Telekom customer service. It’s important to note that fair usage policies and terms and conditions apply to these roaming services, and customers are advised to check the coverage and pricing of the service in their destination country before activating any roaming service.


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