Roamability offers a low-cost and seamless roaming solution for mobile operators worldwide, giving them access to a roaming footprint with great rates.
Its platform and technology provides international coverage with a smooth transition between all types of networks, whether 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G*.

Roamability provides the entire scope of roaming services.

If you’re a mobile network operator (MNO) or mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and are looking for a comprehensive solution to support the roaming services you offer to your customers, our platform technology could be just what you need.
Greenfield and regional MNOs, MVNOs or Service Providers face significant hurdles before they can provision roaming services for customers.
For one thing, establishing bilateral roaming agreements with tier one and tier two operators is a complicated and expensive process.
And of course it’s also important to be able to provide an affordable service to price-sensitive customers.
To meet the need of the it’s customers to provide affordable roaming services, Roamability built a comprehensive roaming platform as a real-time controlled solution for international mobile roaming services.
One of our strategic partners is Comfone, which provides the Key2roam Platform as a complete roaming solution.
We have enabled networks with customers in many countries around the globe

 User benefits roamability

• Regional data break out for better performance
• Support for native access point names (APN), so there is no requirement to reconfigure the APN or replace the SIM card when abroad  (Patented)
• Real time monitoring of all events — meaning any fraudulent activity is detected and bill shock is eliminated
• Get notifications about data usage and spend, meaning they have full control over their data traffic
• Tailored and customisable plans are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
 • No need to swap customers’ SIM cards.

MNO/MVNO/Service Providers and resellers benefits 

• Your security is our priority — we do not request SIM keys
• Global coverage: enjoy better service, coverage and rates
• Discounted rates on more than 500 networks
• Yield higher profits from your roaming services
• Encourage increased user traffic
• Decrease the number of silent roamers
• Provide comprehensive global roaming coverage with pre-negotiated agreements
• Attract more corporate customers with competitive roaming packages
• Receive information to ensure you have data on customer usage at all times.
• Ensure quality calls through redundancy
• Benefit from technical support in various time zones: Europe, North America and Latin America
• Receive high-quality communications: voice, data, SMS, and value-added services
• Simple acceptance for customer set-up
• Roam like at home – no-fuss operation within the scope of the customer’s home subscription package
• Eliminate bill shock for customers

Other key aspects of the platform 

• No network element changes are required
• There is no requirement to share security keys
• Financial and technical reporting systems as a part of roaming broker services
• Platform as a service, ensuring minimum implementation effort
• Geo-redundancy in multiple locations including Bern, Zurich, Amsterdam and London
• Network functions virtualisation (NFV) as the platform for the core network provided by Ericsson
• Roamability interworking function (IWF) for seamless roaming on 3G and 4G networks
• Fast steering of roaming (SOR) based on the networks, IMSI and client; ability to add IMSI on the fly when required
• Steering analysis in real time with KPIs, with advanced reporting, fast detection of fraud and unusual usage, and single tariff point management; supports TAP/RAP/CSV forms and any type of call detail record (CDR) based on ASN.1
• National roaming also can be supported.
The Roamability solution provides instant roaming with minimal integration, offering global coverage through agreements with multiple tier-one operators as sponsors.
The unique SIM Application Toolkit (STK) applet supports any SIM vendor using versions R5 and R6 and is downloaded over the air.
In turn, that means there is no requirement for SIM card replacement or security keys.
The advanced platform uses smart SS7 and Diameter signaling to support 3G and LTE roaming and enables roam like at home features such as home rerouting and short codes.
In terms of security, the solution comes with highly secured network firewall features and 24/7/365 support from the network operation center.

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