Cellusys empowers mobile operators to generate more revenue, secure their networks, and make their subscribers’ experiences better.

Company designs and builds technology that gives operators clear insights and comprehensive control over their signalling, with a focus on security, IoT, roaming, and analytics applications. Their products have all been rated as Tier 1 in Signalling Firewall, Steering of Roaming and SMS Firewall in independent research. No other vendor has achieved this in all technical product categories.

Cellusys has continually broken new ground since our inception in 2005, when they brought together a team with a depth of expertise in signalling, technology, and IP not seen elsewhere.

Some of their milestones – they deployed the first Diameter-ready Steering of Roaming system worldwide; and the first Diameter-ready Signalling Firewall worldwide.

Cellusys products


A comprehensive cross-protocol signalling security solution which protects your network against malicious attacks in every layer, and in every message


Insight provides valuable near-real time analytics and long-term reporting over the full data user and control planes in any network


A suite of anti-fraud solutions to combat voice fraud, smisihing and other SMS fraud, data fraud, and more, as well as realtime traffic access solutions for integration with fraud management systems


A comprehensive roaming solution for mobile operators and groups of operators that includes Steering of Roaming, SMS outreach, and Anti-Steering Detection


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