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Over 73% of Mexican mobile users satisfied with service

The Survey indicates that 21% of mobile internet users indicated that they have used government websites or public services to carry out procedures

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Over 73 percent of Mexican mobile telephony users are satisfied with the service they receive, according to the latest consumer survey published by regulator IFT.

The document reports the main findings about the quality with which users receive, for example, their internet or pay television services; the experience in using them; the perception they have about the price they pay and the expectations they had of the same; as well as the loyalty they can show towards a brand; the perception of security and trust online; in other aspects.


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The Survey has general results for fixed, mobile, fixed internet, mobile internet and pay; and for each of the operators that offer these services in Mexico.

Among the main findings, the document reveals that the service with which users feel most satisfied is fixed telephony, with a rating of 74.8 out of 100 in the General Satisfaction Index; while in Pay TV it is the one with the lowest rating, 71.7 out of 100.

In a disaggregated way, the general index of satisfaction in fixed internet increased 2.3 points between 2017 and 2018, according to the results shown by the Fourth Survey 2017 and the same fiscal year last year. While, in the case of fixed telephony, the increase was 1.7 points, for mobile telephony and pay television, the increase was less than one point.

In this regard, the general satisfaction index among the five concessionaires mentioned by users for fixed internet oscillates between 68 and 74.7 points; in Fixed telephony, the ratings of the three concessionaires mentioned by the users range from 72.2 to 75.9; in Mobile telephony they are between 71.8 and 73.5 points in the three operators mentioned; and in Pay TV it is between 69.6 and 77 points for the four companies named.

The general Satisfaction Index can be consulted in a general way by service or by operator, which allows any user to know the experience reported by other customers and thereby compare and choose the option that best suits their needs.

The Fourth Survey 2018, Users of Telecommunications Services, also contains relevant information on the knowledge users have about the fair use policies of the fixed and mobile internet service; the interaction with government websites or public services through fixed and / or mobile internet; and the experience of users with a disability when using telecommunications services or the attention they receive from operators. Among the main findings are:


  • Confidence in browsing social networks through fixed and / or mobile internet
  1. 78% of users of fixed internet and 50% of mobile internet mentioned that they have not read the terms and conditions of use of the social networks they use.
  2. On the other hand, it was identified that 46% of users of fixed internet and 51% of mobile share at least one personal data in their social networks profile.
  3. Among the personal data that most share are: full name, location and phone.
  • Confidence in the pages used to make purchases online through fixed and / or mobile internet
  1. Just under 50% of the users mentioned that they have not read the terms and conditions of use of the electronic pages that they use to make their purchases online.
  2. 70% of the users of fixed internet and 72% of mobile indicated that they feel “very safe” or “safe” when making purchases by fixed or mobile internet.
  3. However, among the main concerns they have when making purchases online are: unauthorized charges, false charges, scams, hacking, information theft, misuse of their personal data, card cloning or theft of bank data.
  • Trust in search engines (browsers)
  1. 69% of users of fixed internet and 56% of mobile indicated that the information thrown by search engines is “very reliable” or “reliable”.
  2. The majority of users of fixed internet (86%) and mobile telephony with internet access (79%) show preference for the same browser; whereas 9% in fixed and 18% in mobile do not know what browser they use.


  • In general, the users of fixed internet and mobile telephony are unaware or have not heard about the fair use policy, which details the criteria that will be applied to the use of the services when they are indicated, for example, as unlimited.
  • Users who reported knowing the fair use policy learned mainly through the service provider, search on the internet or through a phone call or message.


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