OPPO Won More Carrier Partners in Europe in Q3 2020

OPPO smartphone business grew +7% YoY in Q3 2020. With 9% volume share, OPPO ranked sixth in global smartphone market this quarter. More about Oppo Europe below.

OPPO’s performance in China is softened, but its momentum in overseas markets is strengthened. It recorded best quarter in India, and posted strong growth in Western Europe, Africa Middle East, Central Eastern Europe, and Central Latin America. In addition to the deal signed with Vodafone in May (for UK, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Romania and Turkey) and with KDDI and with Softbank in July (for Japan), OPPO added America Movil (for Mexico) into the list in August and Deutsche Telecom (for Germany, Poland, and Netherlands) in October. These are big wins for OPPO.

OPPO continued to adjust its product portfolio. It strengthened its 5G portfolio in China, launched the dedicated 4G models for overseas markets, a wow concept device Find X 2021. (https://events.oppo.com/content/dam/oppo/event-page-asset/innoday/cn/live-v2/assets/x_1_1920-0417e5.mp4). oppo europe

OPPO announced its new 3+N+X strategy at its INNO day event this week in Shenzhen. “3” refers to three underlying technologies (hardware, software, and services), “N” refers to essential capabilities (interconnectivity, AI, multi-media, security and privacy, and etc.) and “X” refers to differentiated technologies (including flash charging technology, imaging technology, new form factors, AR, and etc.). Though the framework seems vague, the topics listed are the area worth attention. These are the place that OPPO will increase investment in the future.

OPPO 3+n+x strategy-light

Strategy Analytics is optimistic on OPPO’s overseas market in 2021 which will be fuelled up by deepened operator partnership but is cautious on its performance in China. Huawei split out Honor brand in November. Though there are still many uncertainties around the deal, it has casted shadow to OPPO and other Chinese vendor’s opportunity in domestic markets.

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