O2 Telefónica is expanding its IoT network to include satellite connectivity

O2 Telefónica and Skylo Technologies, a leading provider of satellite-based telecommunications for the Internet of Things (IoT), have entered into a partnership for global IoT connectivity. Skylo’s Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN), which transmits from space, can complement networks on Earth and help close supply gaps. Special devices are currently required to communicate with satellites. In the future, integrated 5G radio modules will be able to seamlessly switch between terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks. O2 Telefónica IoT satellite connectivity
The Integrated SIM (iSIM) from O2 Telefónica comes in these radio modules use. This will transform the way companies can connect their IoT devices and ensure data transmission seamlessly, reliably, sustainably and cost-effectively.
  • In the future, O 2 Telefónica will offer the global Internet of Things (IoT) on land, at sea and in the air
  • O 2 Telefónica and satellite operator Skylo agree on a partnership
  • Further partnerships with IoT satellite operators are planned by the end of 2023
  • The hybrid satellite-based Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) connectivity service for terrestrial and satellite-based IoT networking will be available to businesses in the first quarter of 2024

Network coverage in hard-to-reach areas O2 Telefónica IoT satellite connectivity

Satellite-based IoT networking offers a variety of options for situations in which terrestrial networks reach their limits. For example, in remote areas, it can be challenging to connect stationary IoT devices, such as agricultural sensors, to the cellular network. In addition, more than two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by oceans. The hybrid cellular-satellite connectivity service offers extensive network coverage and enables IoT applications in areas that were previously difficult to reach. This is particularly true for countries where there are no terrestrial narrow-band IoT (NB-IoT) networks. Companies can use new services to better network and monitor their devices on a global level.

Rollout begins in North America and Europe O2 Telefónica IoT satellite connectivity

O2 Telefónica and Skylo will launch the 3GPP-compliant hybrid satellite-based NB-IoT connectivity service in the first quarter of 2024 for seamless NB-IoT satellite coverage in North America and Europe. The cooperation partners will then gradually expand the offer to other continents. Karsten Pradel, Director B2B at O ​​2 Telefónica, underlines the importance of the partnership: “Our collaboration with Skylo is an important building block. Together with Skylo, we can now offer our customers IoT networking solutions from a single source, even in remote areas. This new hybrid approach, supported by satellite technology, complements our IoT portfolio and shows how we are driving digitalization and seamlessly connecting companies worldwide.”

Parsanna Iyengar, Director of Product Management at Skylo, added: “We are pleased to partner with O 2 Telefónica. Providing one-stop terrestrial and satellite connectivity provides businesses with reliable, flexible, seamless and global connectivity, regardless of their location or specific requirements.”

Integrated SIM card for hybrid IoT networking

O 2 Telefónica offers a hybrid connectivity service with integrated SIM (iSIM). This saves costs, increases safety and improves sustainability. The iSIM is integrated directly into the IoT radio chip, allowing for a more compact, lighter and more cost-effective design. Customers can easily upgrade their IoT installations to O 2 Telefónica ‘s direct-to-satellite solution via a software update, minimizing investments and optimizing return on investment.

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